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Why you should switch to Android?

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With the advancement in technology, the world is moving so fast that everyone wants to use latest gadgets either it is a cell phone or a simple watch. Mobile phone is such a product that is used by the people all the time for the sake of communication or for the sake of fashion. There are a number of reasons for which you should switch to android. Some of these are given below:

Amazing features of an android phone

Features of the android phone are the main attraction for the people especially for the young generation. Following are the amazing features because of which you should switch to android:

  • Android phone provides the facility of play store from where you can download and install new applications.
  • Generally, all the androids are capable to use different applications.
  • The technology used in the androids is more advanced as compared to the simple or QWERTY mobile phones.
  • Android phones provide you larger screen with the touch features that are not available in most of QWERTY or simple phones.
  • The android phones support automation that helps the users to keep their software up to dated.
  • Android phones allow you to use external memory that helps you to keep extensive data with you.
  • Using androids, you can also transfer your data (images and videos) to your personal computer. For this, you just need a data cable and your videos and your images are saved.

Android phones, the latest fashion

Nowadays, the android phones are also used as the status symbol or for the sake of fashion. The android phones are expensive and stylish as compared to the simple phones, that’s why people especially young generation love to switch to the android phone. There are also some type of people who purchase the new android phone and sale them when there is any other new model of the phone available in the market. Such people keep android as the hobby and keep on changing their models.

Android allows the user friendly applications

Yes, that’s true. All the androids have simple graphical user interfaces that even little children can handle the application with the help of images. Along with this, the user interface of the androids is also best for some middle and middle-old people (45 to 60 years). The ease of use make them attractive and it is also one of the reason because of which you should switch to android phone.

Android phones are the requirement of the people nowadays. Most of the people use androids, but there are also a segment that still don’t want to use such phones. All the above mentioned features and characteristics of the phones attract people to use androids. According to the latest research, the ratio of the people using android is increasing day by day because of fashion, friendly GUI or any other reason. I would like to suggest you to try the android and switch to it for better performance of applications and software.

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