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Why you should do a Free Website SEO and speed Analysis

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A free SEO analysis of your website, who would not like that!? But is it possible to get a free SEO analysis, the answer is yes. There are many websites that offer a basic SEO scan that is based on Google guidelines.  With an SEO website analysis, you gain insight into the extent to which your website is findable and functional online and you receive direct advice to improve important aspects within search engine optimization. Most online SEO checks focus on a combination of general SEO guidelines that focus on content optimization, technical optimization, and online authority.

Content optimization

The content on your website must match the search intent of your target group and be easy to track for google search bots. When you link the content on your website to important related search terms this will determine the ranking of your site in the Google search results. It often happens that websites do not position themselves specifically enough so that the visitors who come to the website are not relevant and therefore have negative consequences for the conversion.

Technical optimization

With technical optimization they mean the degree to which your website is suitable for mobile devices, (loading) speed, security and the way in which the data on the website is organized. Think about images, tekst formatting, meta tags and URL’s. These items are also known as on-page optimizations and have a high impact on the findability of your website in the Google Search Engines.

Check the loading speed of your website on Here you will get a page speed score and recommendations. They also offer page load details such as loading time, sizes of website items, and page coding suggestions.

Another useful tool from Google that makes things a lot easier for us is PageSpeed Insights. This gives you a score for the speed of your website. Google wouldn’t be Google if they didn’t provide a list of areas for improvement. Use that to easily improve your website’s SEO score!

Online authority

The final item to be check of your website is the online authority. This will tell Google to which extent your website can be trusted. In order to grow in online autorityyou will need to collect trusted links from other strong platforms. This means correct link management on all pages and placing good articles with links to your website on other trusted platforms.

Doing this is called off-page optimizations and the impact of these changed always take some time before results can bes een. It is just as important as optimizing the content and technology of the website.

3 Free website SEO and speed checkers

Here are three websites that offer a good and FREE SEO website analysis. Their standards are all based on the Google guidelines in order to get an optimal Google Searchbot result.

  1. SEO site checkup
  2. Site Checker
  3. Varvy SEO Tool
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