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Why Social Media Stories Matter

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Storytelling on Social Media

Almost all social and content strategies have storytelling in their core. It enables marketers to build a narrative that connects with prospects and customers on a deeper level. Because of this, almost all social platforms now have their own version of a tool that allows social media stories creation. Now we have Snapchat Stories, Instagram Stories, Messenger Day as most important storytelling channels.

The main focus of social network posts has been posting snapshots of special moments that we want to share with friends, all organized neatly in our timelines. This has worked great for brands too. But the news feeds are the place where people generally go to stay up-to-date, and not personal profiles. This has worked well for brands for a while, but the constant algorithm changes make it close to impossible to tell a story that would engage the audience because posts may shop in news feeds out of order, and that breaks the timeline you intended to follow.

Stories are the solution to this problem, letting brands create content that strings together, forming a flowing narrative. All platforms have their own demographic and user behaviors that brands must be aware of when creating stories in order to make the most of these new tools. Social media marketers have recognized the value of this element, and are starting to massively incorporate stories in their campaigns and strategies.

Branding and Customer engagement with Social Media

One of the most important implications of social media stories is their power to increase brand awareness and customer engagement, in a way that traditional social media posts can’t do it. Social stories give brands a unique opportunity to get better visibility since stories are separate from the rest of the ‘regular’ posts, which means your content won’t get pushed down by News Feed’s clutter. Next, brands can share different kinds of content, such as short ‘behind the scenes’ videos which give intimate insight to their everyday practices. And the audience truly loves this transparency and honesty. But this ‘behind the scenes’ peaks brands post can be an even more powerful tool for increasing brand awareness and engagement because they can be used for creating personal experiences by tagging users. Moreover, social stories are a great way for brands to provide special promotion, available only there. That way, users will be ‘forced’ to follow your brand stories regularly if they don’t want to miss special opportunities.

The best thing about stories is that no matter what you want to achieve, they work. These types of images and video content are different from the rest of searchable social media posts, and their ephemeral nature makes them even more so attractive. So whatever you plan to do next in order to build up your brands awareness, and get your audience engaged, don’t forget to include social stories in the mix.

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