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Why social media marketing is indispensable for your business

By September 10, 2017 No Comments

Social media is the new craze. From an eighty years granny pouting desperately in selfies to become an Instagram celebrity to the one who stops on a functional railway track just to like a picture, it is now established that social media is one epidemic ravaging humanity which the World Health Organization can’t control. But in this maniac digital plague, is the blessing for the brands. There are 2.3 billion people in our world that are active social media users. This is a statistical testament to the floods of customers waiting for your brands to swim in luxuriously.

That social media is the modern day bedrock of digital marketing is a secret as poorly kept as Trump having his office in the White House. Businesses these days see the crust of minerals (attractive crowds of clients) waiting to be mined in social media and all are now pushing adequate machinery to social media marketing. The numbers are loud enough, 97% of marketers globally are at present actively immersed in social media going by figures supplied by the famous Social Media examiner. To cement the screaming indispensability of social media, about 84% OF B2B marketers uses social media for their marketing activities. Are you going to turn the thermostat on the AC to get you colder in face of the heat of this article? Well it is a hot reality that you as a business can’t do without social media marketing. Let us see why we are so confident of the Messianic capacity of social media to businesses.

Targeted social media engagement generates a sound reputation for your brand

Your social media channels are gaping windows that gives your customers a peep at what your brand has indoors. Well targeted social media content helps prospective clients to perceive the aroma of what your business is cooking and attracts them as well. Your presence on Facebook, Twitter etc. enables customers to associate with the voice of your brand; they know you for your tone on social media. Imagine someone accidentally coming across your brand on his Twitter newsfeed and getting enchanted with your brand from there, there is an extra customer won. That is an extra sales prospect won. This goes to expand the reputation of brand, bringing the name of your brand closer to the congregation of eyes ransacking social media platforms.

More customers stick to your brand when you engage actively on social media

A report from Convince&Convert reveals that over 50% of people in the US have increased loyalty to brands they connect with on social media. This is very understandable considering even in our love lives long distance relationships don’t work well. More emotional bonds are woven between partners in closer communication. Same with a business and customer situation, the closer you stay with them (which this time is on social media), the more loyal they are to you and less likely to cheat on you by patronizing your competitors. You don’t want to lose your hard earned customers do you?

Social media gives your business a larger change to convert

One thing is social media is a relaxation centre, clients come there are “people”. They are emotional, very responsive which makes them more vulnerable to targeted marketing. Every post you make on social media drifts you closer to the heart of your clients. The gateway to their purse is through their heart, so once your brand occupies their heart (with consistent social media engagement), you can readily invade their purse converting and making sales. Thus social media gives you an improved chance of converting.

All these sufficiently point to the indispensability of social media to your success as a business. There are over 430 million potential customers yearning on Instagram to see your brand, there are 1.5 billion people on Facebook salivating when they will see your brand, and there are over 90million people queuing on Twitter everyday to catch a glimpse of your brand. Do you now see it is as hard for your business to do without social media marketing as it is for Donald Trump to stop tweeting?

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Marco de Groen

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