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What Tarot Cards Represent Which Zodiac Signs

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Tarot cards are often used to consult or interpret past, present or future events, dreams, nightmares, emotional states that are also represented by a type of card for reading, you can even get a tarot reading online. Tarot cards can generally be divided into major and minor arcana.

Otherwise the zodiac signs, according to astrology, universe’s events are responsible for representing the twelve types of human’s characteristics and basic personalities. Even though this might sound contradictory in what governs the forces of destiny, zodiac signs and tarot cards are very linked and mixed to help people see more than eyes can allow. Some cards are representing every one of the zodiac signs.

Know which tarot card represents each sign.

Zodiac is divided into four elements (earth, water, fire, and wind) also they have a planet as regent, tarot cards are formed by twenty-two major arcana and astrologically they represent an element and sign.

  • The emperor: Aries. People born under this first zodiac sign are often the leader using their charms and skills to convince other people. Generally, this card means you have the determination to encourage your feelings and achieve your goals but if this card turns upside down, it means you’ll have to learn how to control your emotions and ambition.
  • The hierophant: Taurus. The Hierophant advises learning everything you can about what you have chosen to do in life and also the respect to the rules. This card represents a very meticulous type of person linked to the material world and property, even when this might not be so spiritual, how people react to their things say a lot about their personality and perspective. Taurus is strong, powerful, traditional, and the card whispers ‘’be quiet’’, Taurus is looking for the peace on the daily.
  • The lovers: Gemini. This sign and card as well are the symbol of duality, movement, the opposites of darkness and light. Most of the meanings are about the spirit and the mind. The planet regent of this sign is Mercury, the symbol of intelligence and ability to communicate. This card is an invitation to use the duality to contribute something to the world.
  • The Chariot: Cancer. This sign has the power to use their mental tools to help focus your energy on life. The sign of cancer tries to manage his emotional carriage and his wishes of a family through his ability to concentrate and his unwavering loyalty, such as his ruler, the moon, tries to control the tide and support and protect those who he loves the most. This is a reminder of your ability.
  • Strength: Leo. Learn to control your wild nature, you represent the strength in life and the energy, passion is what defines you in every aspect. You also need to get closer to your spiritual life. Keep the romance and devotion to your partner.
  • The Hermit: Virgo. For this sign is exhausting the outside world because they are more sensitive than other people and also very aware of it. The power is inside Virgo so they need to focus on themselves and start looking for it so you will be less irritable.
  • Justice: Libra. Justice not only represents Libra’s desire for equality and justice, but it teaches them how to deal with it in a world that is not fair. Justice is truth, harmony, action, kindness but also manipulation. Libra is an intellectual sign and is linked to Venus, the symbol of love, passion, beauty, and happiness. Justice is the equality of the opposite. Zodiac and Tarot cards are usually very effective tools when navigating love and romantic relationships. For more details check out
  • Death: Scorpio. This card is not only about the death of someone. Death can be a transformation into a new life, the power of revival. Scorpio is a mysterious sign, he camouflages in his secrets. As lovers, they are intense and devoted but also can be revengeful.
  • Temperance: Sagittarius. Temperance means the power to fight until the end of the road to achieving a goal but always with wisdom and the best judgment, Sagittarius should never forget his self-confidence and know-how to share his determination with those he loves supporting them. Sagittarians are also charming and affectionate when you manage to cross the barriers of their trust.
  • The Devil: Capricorn. This card is a piece of advice to confront your fears and shadows, but also about get rid of negative thoughts and be more confident with a better version of themselves. They must take care to appear selfish with their ambition for hard work because sometimes their actions are usually cold and cruel. It’s okay not to leave the jobs halfway but you also have to focus on the people around us and in the spiritual environment. Capricorn is not only linked to control and limits but also to low passions, lust, worst fears and are usually very sensual. Everything the devil has in his domain.
  • The Star: Aquarius. Just as the stars the sign of Aquarius has the power to shine more than others with their intuitions. They are incomparable and extremely beautiful outside and inside. Their face reflects peace and harmony. They are the light that shines in a dark tunnel, those who love Aquarius, he will be your guide even if he has this instinct of freedom and savagery, if you manage to conquer his heart, Aquarius will be your favorite shooting star. They believe dreams come true.
  • The Moon: Pisces. The moon card represents the psychic visions through the dream state. Pisces swims through two worlds, material and spiritual. Pisces is also very complicated to understand because he can be as much as a calm sea as a horrible storm; they are just like the moon, influential and changing. They don’t like to stay in one place, they need to know, explore, feel, live. Sometimes their hypersensitivity can harm them and make them depressed. But like the moon, they’ll shine through the dark.

Why is it important to know your tarot card?

Knowing the tarot card that governs your sign can be useful to understand the essence of someone’s personality, as well as the challenges they will probably face in this life and the spiritual lessons they will probably learn. You can get this information thanks to the tarot reading online.

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