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What is LSI and what will it do for your SEO Strategy?

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LSI – Latent Semantic Indexing; heard of it somewhere? If not, then don’t even think twice to read out what I am going to share with you regarding LSI. It is not a freaky fancy word that only IT professionals would have in their dictionary. Rather it is a very easy-to-know topic for those who know what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is and also about the Keywords. So without a further do, let’s just jump right into all aspects of LSI, how it will help your SEO strategy and also how LSI-driven words work finally how to keep such words in your content.

First of all, what exactly is LSI?

LSI is an aspect which you would learn if you look at your search engines and know how it really works. At a very base level there are only two things that Google uses to understand the use of two things:

  1. Content and context
  2. User’s search ways and specific keyword relation

So broadly speaking, LSI will guide the search engines in identifying particular keywords and also look into the other words related to the keyword. And hence you shall receive the pretty much accurate search results.

For example if you consider a word like “jeans”; once you put in that word in the search engine, you shall see that it will try to provide you with related and better search results. It will be including words like; “top”, “movie” “for men” and “for girls”.

What are the Benefits of the LSI- related keyword search results?

Every search engine will provide with the most accurate search results regarding any related query. With an ocean-sized internet Google can never cope-up with the content of every single page. That’s why it will try to look in for the relevant LSI-driven content on the pages. And that’s how a page get rewarded during the search.

How to know which one is LSI Keyword?

The Google itself is the biggest answer. You will see the related keywords in the drop down box whenever you put a word in the Google search box like “jeans”. You can select one of them, the one that is closer to what you want. But that is not it once you click search several search results open and you get to see some more set of words below the page as Search related to jeans. So even if you are somewhat closer to your result you can scroll down and see if your result is in one of those word sets which is called the LSI.

Another way to know appropriate LSI is the Google AdWords. Put in your search word and related LSI keywords will appear with their ratings beside And it will show how much that LSI is used around the internet in every content.

These are the two main tools where you can find the LSI keywords. But if you are up for some free tools then you can always look up for SERP’s and LSI keyword generator.

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