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2 UI/UX principles to improve site’s rankings in Google

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SEO is no more a game of on-page keyword and meta optimization. In fact, if you are not living under the rock, then you should know that your website’s user interface and experience has equal importance for site rankings. Google ranks websites based on how easy, accessible and useful it is to the target audience and boy it has a lot of metrics to confirm this. If a website is not designed for best user experience, google will automatically give it less preference. Without further ado, here are some UI/UX tips that you can use to improve your site’s rankings in Google:

1.Make your website mobile-responsive – With over 80% traffic coming from mobile phones and tablets, it isn’t surprising to have your website optimized for smartphones. In fact, in 2015, Google made a major update to their search algo, dubbed as Mobilegeddon, which penalized websites not optimized for best viewing experience on smaller devices such as smartphones

2.Reduce page size and improve page speed – Page speed has a direct correlation with rankings. The quicker it loads, the better the rankings. See if your HTML, CSS and JSS files are minimized and compress images to reduce the size where quality isn’t compromised. Every second counts!


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