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Top 5 Marketing Trends Of 2018

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Customers are always in the spotlight for marketers across industries and continents. It is an everyday duty of the market specialist to examine customers’ expectations, what motivates them to buy from you, and what are their reasons to prefer a competitor.

At the same time, each new year brings brand-new challenges and fresh rends that each business that is focused on growth and development, should have in mind. According to marketing experts, these are some of the most notable trends that will have influence in 2018:

1. Personalized communication

Customers take advantage of the high competition across business sectors and demand individual approach more than ever. The chatbots already proved their value as a cost-effective way to communicate with people who are interested in purchasing your goods or services. It is expected that in 2018 they will become even more customizable and intelligent.

2. Ads in native languages and localized content

Smart content has been always a critical means for lead generation and customer retention. Same as the individual approach in communication with your customers, native advertising will become more efficient by incorporating better formatting and natural placement. Such ads should be designed on the basis of in-depth understanding of your target audience.

3. Big data and AI

Here we include also market and customer insight, as well as predictive analytics. So far, big data and artificial intelligence have been an exclusive privilege to large scale businesses. However, it is very possible that small and middle-sized companies will be able to afford applying it as a strong competitive advantage in 2018.

4. Increased video integration

If you still hesitate whether it’s worth investing in videos, consider these facts:

  • 50% of consumers in the Internet would make purchasing decisions after watching online product videos.
  • Users spent much more time on websites with videos than those without videos.
  • While Google is the leader, YouTube is the second largest search engine on the World Wide Web.

Moreover, smart business owners use videos as commercials – to enhance branding and build trust in their audience.

5. Capitalization from Apps

Although there is a stunning amount and variety of apps, 2018 will definitely bring more opportunities for software development and purchase of even more apps. The reason for this trend is that more and more companies realize that their businesses could grow thanks to apps.

These are the strongest trends you should consider in 2018. It is still not late to revise your existing marketing strategy and prepare your budget in order to increase your business competitiveness and brand awareness.

Marco de Groen

Marco de Groen

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