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Top 3 Social Media Tools For Greater ROI In 2017

By December 22, 2016 One Comment

The latest trending social media tools!

If you are thinking about overnight success with a solid strategic social media campaign only then that’s really not the case. Results don’t come automatically because that requires a great amount of planning, effort, and refinement. To grow your audience and brand you should probably focus on the newest tools that support your efforts and drive great results. The upcoming year has a lot more challenges and to stay alive in the hyper-competitive social media arena, the social media marketers must know about the latest trending social media tools.

Adobe Spark- Your Content Creation Mojo

Replacing Adobe Slate and Adobe Voice, Adobe Spark has gained a lot of popularity for presenting portfolios of images. The tool creates animated videos, beautiful graphics and web stories in minutes. It has a web and mobile based app with three major tools Post, Page and Video to create content on the go. You can create fantastic videos to help social media engagement to thrilling new heights.

Pixabay 2.0 -Find Photos and Videos Just Like That

Finding royalty free images had always been problematic. With over 790,000 free photos, illustrations, vectors, and videos this invaluable tool has saved the asses of many. It enables sharing images to several other social media websites and has the capability to use 20 different languages. The Pixabay community deserves kudos for their everyday selfless contribution of thousands of original high-resolution images and videos.

Yotpo- Your Instant Instagram Content Curator

User generated Instagram photos can now be easily curated with this tool, obviously with user permission! It is very handy and customer friendly. An amazing tool for sourcing reviews. Over 150,000+ businesses rely on Yotpo to generate tons of customer content, reviews and photos to boost traffic and sales. Yotpo claims 9x more site & product reviews with its signature in-mail review form thus increasing sales. Improving conversation rate is no more a great challenge for those who use this tool.

You may come across hundreds of other new apps and tools to enhance your social media presence and ROI in the upcoming year but the added advantage is you may get your hands on one of these tools free of cost. Let’s say Hello to 2017 with this awesome set of social media tools that for sure not only appeal a growing startup but a full-fledged established company.

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