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Social Media Automation – How to become a Pro!

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The Sience of Social Media

Any social engine which has a lot of followers or users should look forward to having a much strong establishment of its brand online. Any form of online market strategy and business promotion with the help of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. is always advisable as it is almost certain that you end attracting a lot of traffic. They should have an idea as to how these social engines could be utilised for scheduling or publishing the updates that are done. The article is aimed towards the automation of the very science that forms the basis of social media. There are many ways of automation, however; this particular article consists of the basic ideas of the automation process. Those are as follows –

Social Media Research

Perform some basic research related to the articles or updates that are related to your niche. You should be able to interact with your followers more if you accumulate more knowledge by reading other articles. Sometimes that is not feasible as people are from different time zones and they usually become active when you might be sleeping. Hence, please ensure that your posts are updated very much in advance and that you have enough time to figure out when you can communicate with your followers.

Put into action

People often complain that the concept of social media automation does not work that well and that is somewhat mechanical. The reason is that some of the users plan something but never implements them at the right time. You have to do the vice versa. Prove people wrong by putting things into action.

Tragedy related events

Please pay respect and consider halting your automatic programs whenever there is some tragic incident. That way you also indicate that your mind is active and that you are caring for the people that are part of the accident.

A/B Tests

You should always consider some of these tests. It will help you a lot. This is concerned with the fact, that, when you have identical stuff to work with you are confused to choose between them. This will help you figure out what is best for you and will yield better results.

Frequent posting

You can work out some manner through which you will be able to make your posts available for posting on several occasions to enhance your social media automation. Try to think how you are going to arrange the timing of your post. You can try scheduler to schedule your posts accordingly. This will help you to reach a bigger audience.

Be aware of spam

Please make it a routine to have few but interesting updates every day for the people. The last thing you will want to have is posting a lot of stuff and then those ending up in the spam folder of the audience. It will be a big turn off. So please try and avoid this mistake.


Just don’t write anything casually. Always try to educate your followers with some good articles and posts. Casual posts will only be taken or accepted in a negative manner by the audience.


Do not make things monotonous. Try to consider broader ranges of activities and work out that way. Post various topics so that the audience is not bored and they provide value to your work.

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