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The latest trends on Social Media

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How do you plan to do socializing in the next year? How do you plan to reach out to your target audience, which way it may be socializing with each other? Naturally, we debase how our lives will change in the future. Try to remember it, 5 years ago, Google came out with a pair of glasses and that was “Google Glass” that promised to bring augmented reality into the mainstream and change how we live and interact with each other. We know, It was a flop. But now, multiple social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twiter, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest, Google+ etc—are competing to enter or re-enter the AR ring.

Recently a report shows that, 80% of the global internet traffic will soon be attributed to videos this coming 2020, 90% of Social Networking Site (SNS) users share videos, 87% of marketers take advantage of videos into their campaigns and viewers suppose that 95% of messages from videos are retained on their minds. 73% of B2B organizations using videos in their marketing campaigns are reporting positive results to their return on investment (ROI).

With expect to attract thoughtfulness regarding clients, marketers use social media platforms to create real-time engagements. Influencer tops the fastest growing marketing channel followed by others, organic search, email, paid search, display advertising and affiliate marketing, in order.
Individuals called ‘Generation Z’ are those that are born from 1995 up until 2012. They are generally called ‘true digital natives’. The most common social media (usually that we use) platforms they are using in exact order. Mobile phone users are growing every year rapidly, So it is very important for marketers to optimize their content to better suit those mobile users.

The vast majority of the clients love to communicate with each other, but they also love game-like experiences—and because many companies have generated significant revenue from microtransactions and immersive gaming experiences, it’s only a matter of time before we see an app that tries to conjoin social media and gaming more organically. What sort of application could come about because of this hybridization, but its likely going to make a significant impact in this year Time will tell.

Early in their development, social media platforms made building a user base their highest priority. Now that they’re more firmly established and have proven their long-term viability, their biggest anxiety has shifted to revenue. Most leading social media brands have already started shifting their focus toward building more advertising, but 2018 will see an even bigger shift.

Ongoing years offer an invigorating chance to enhance our startup. These unicorn web-based life patterns will shape the supernatural scene of internet-based life in 2018. Simply watch out for these advancements.

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