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The Facebook and Skype sex scam part 2 – How someone tried to scam me….again.

By January 12, 2020 One Comment

In November 2017 I wrote the article “How to catch a Skype scammer” and showed how someone tried to trick me by acting like a really pretty lady who happened to be very eager to take her clothes off.

I got lucky and was able to track the person down and find out his true identity. The article became one of the most popular articles I ever wrote and to this day I still have people contacting me asking for advice or help. You would think these people would do some research on who they try to scam, but guess what it happened to me again this week! And yes I got lucky again and found out who this person was.

This sex scam business is booming and used by people in Africa, Arabian countries but also more and more in Asia. When even the BBC decides to devote an article to the Skype sex scam you know it’s big. You can also check out this video

Facebook is usually the starting point of the scam

Things usually start on Facebook, since it is the perfect place to find your victims. If you don’t set the privacy of your Facebook profile right these people can see everything, if you are married, what job you have, if you have kids, your family members. Make sure to check your privacy settings on Facebook.  I mean why should anyone you don’t know be able to see all this private information? Unless , you don’t care of course. But hey it’s just a tip I like to share.

How I discovered the true identity of my Facebook scammer

So as it always happens this pretty girl named Celine Liew send me a friend request on Facebook. It turned out we had a mutual friend so I add her to find out who she was.

She (well actually “he”) told me the reason she add me was because I looked “hot”. Knowing that I was married, had kids and that I am a bald fat guy in his 30’s, I directly knew this was a scam once again 😀
And so the games begun once again in trying to find out who this person was.

Look for the small details

If you want to stand a chance to find out who is scamming you, then always try to look for small clues. This person stole the identity of a Chinese girl in Asia and set locations in China, Malaysia and Thailand. Another thing that drew attention was the fact that he had many Filipino, Thai and Malaysian male contacts who commented on his posts.  This suggested that his network started in these countries.

During the chat I would also see that the language he used was common for people with Chinese backgrounds. He mentioned to feel sad to be alone for Chinese New Year, asked me if I liked drinking alcohol and kept on mentioning she was fat. (Chinese woman always say this even though they are not fat at all :D)

Bring the chat to Skype

Since Facebook has no IP tracking ability I decided to direct our chat to Skype since you can do an IP track if someone is online in Skype.
After I filled in the Skype ID of the scammer on the Skype Resolver site it showed that this person was located in Italy. Unfortunately this trick only works if the scammer does not use a VPN server to fake his IP and location.

Last time this was not the case, unfortunately this time it was since the person had another IP and location in London the next day he signed in on Skype.

But lucky for me I was correct that this person was Asian and half Filipino.
So this triggered him to start talking to me.

Try to create a bromance

Since its as good as 100% sure that the person trying to cheat you is a guy try to connect with him. Talk to the person and connect with him. Guy’s doing this like the money and this is what connects you both at this point.

I did the same with this scammer and tried to get his trust that I would like to work together with him and that I got many interesting contacts he could use.

Eventually the scammer trusted me and even added me in Facebook! (a pretty dumb thing to do knowing that you just tried to scam this person, but anyway…)

What shocked me was that he was actually a Malaysian who lived in Kuala Lumpur. I have lived in Malaysia for 4 years and also lived in Kuala Lumpur some time so I have many contacts from there. It was now clear that he found me thru one of these contacts. He told me that I looked rich and this is why he decided to try and scam me. Well, here you go “bro” I would like to introduce you to the whole world. You got what you deserve and stop scamming people, like seriously your not that good at it.

The lesson to be learned

So for all you guys out there I would like to tell you this: when you are married, respect your marriage. When things look too good to be true they usually are. Think with your brain and not your d*ck. And should you have fallen for this trick then never ever pay this person! Because by paying them you are making their scamming business a success. Block them everywhere, report their profiles and video’s they post of you and usually this should be the end of it.

I wonder how long it will take now before I will write my 3rd article about this 😀

Marco de Groen

Marco de Groen

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  • Peyy says:

    Hello mr marco, i was in that situation yesterday. Im regret for my dumbness . Is this a guy u told me doin the same thing to me. He contacted me using philippines ws number. And ask me money to delete. I panick and block him and deactived my facebook. Can u confirm this guy is the same person bcs im going to find him if he still in malaysia. Thanks mr marco

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