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The Content Calendar for 2020, and how to make your own Content Strategy

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Maybe I am a little bit late with this but better late than never. Most of you might have started building their content calendar for 2020. But some of you might not know where to start, or how to put it together.

I have decided to set up my own content calendar to help me keep track of important events throughout the year. You will be able to download this free-access content calendar template here.

Also I would like to take the chance to run through some planning tools that are available online and can help you with creating content planning’s for you and your marketing team.

What should your content evolve around?

What can you do to catch people’s attention and stand out from the mass? I have listed down 5  content topics down below.

  1. Content should aim to predict future trends to make it interesting
  2. Always share content that has a positive message and tone of voice
  3. Reveal interesting secrets that give extra value to the content
  4. Give resources, real-world examples and background information
  5. Share content on how to deal with common/relatable issues

Content planning tools

Of course, there are several online content planning tools that can help you with creating a more efficient marketing plan from month to month. Here are some free and some paid options:


Offers a lot of available options and is free for up to 5 team members. On their website, you can try the app and play around with their free plan.



Another great free management tool is provided by Asana. They offer very feature-rich project options and can also be used as an effective content planner for those who run their own website as a blogger.



Their focus is more on marketing as a whole rather than content strategy, but with their tool you can surely organize your content in a game-changing way. They offer many free templates and the only thing you need to do is register with your email.



This platform offers a very cleanly designed and easy to use format to suit all your team’s needs in communication and marketing. There is a free trial available but they also offer a package for 10 and 20 USD.



Another full-stack tool to create marketing plans and content strategy. They even have a WordPress plugin that can automate your blog posts in-line with your content plan. The tool UX design is clean and easy. Their ‘Content Organiser’ feature starts from $60 per month for 3 users and this even includes a handy ‘Headline Analyzer’  


So here are my content strategy related tips for the year 2020. I hope that this helps you in setting up the right content calendar with kick-ass content strategy!

If you are using other tools that might be interesting the please drop them in the comments section below. I love to know how you prepare your content calendar for the upcoming year!

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