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The best content and keywords tools

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As some of you might know there are many content tools available that can really make your work considerably easier when it comes to making content.

When creating content for your website you want it to be unique content that adds value for your target group. For this, you can use a different kind of content tools that provide keywords and easy to use content such as right free images. In this article, I would like to share some content and keywords tools that I have been using on a regular basis and that I think are an added value for each content marketeer or SEO writer.

With you can literally consult your audience for input. You set the language and country to your own choice. This free online tool uses Google’s data to show literally dozens, sometimes hundreds of variants in which your keyword plays a leading role. No more haphazard typing of all possible variants of a certain keyword combination into the Google search bar.

So for example when you take the word ‘summer’ you will get:

Description: Afbeelding met groot, vasthouden, klok

Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving

76 questions about summer (subjects with whom, what, where, when, which,…).

56 suggestions of the keyword in combination with a preposition (without, at, with, if, to, over…).

40 options with equations (keyword in combination with words like versus, or, and, equal,…).

208 suggestions in alphabetical order.

As you can see this is a perfect tool for bloggers to stay busy. It turns out to be a lot better than Google Suggest also. But please note that summer is a popular topic, so you will get a lot of possibilities. If you search for smaller less popular topics of course the results will be a lot smaller. Also, don’t forget to notice whether words entered have the same meaning in different languages.


Canva makes it easy for you to create visually appealing content all by yourself. Which you can then easily share, for example on social media.
You can easily work with layers in the tool and add buttons in the artwork. With these buttons you can put text in the images and highlight promotions with an appropriate visual on social media.

Description: Afbeelding met schermafbeelding, computer, monitor

Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving

Unsplash and Pixabay

Not every company had a Shutterstock or Getty Images account. But if you want your articles and webpages to stand out with nice images and photos then you really need one. The good news is there are many free platforms that offer royalty-free photos. Two great examples are Unsplash and Pixabay.

Should you not be able to find your desired images, or if the design does not match your wishes then you can choose to work with a mockup generator. Tools like and offer free accounts where you can make images and content look even more visually appealing.

Description: Afbeelding met monitor, binnen, foto, elektronica

Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving

Should you write content such as articles and landing pages then it would be wise to use a keyword planner of Google or even better
With these tools, you can generate the most searched keywords related to the subject you are writing about.

The is a paid tool which also offers a free trial version is very user friendly.
Not only does it provide you with keywords, but it will also show related terms and questions similar to what does.

Description: Afbeelding met schermafbeelding

Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving

Keyword density checker

So after you wrote your content it is important to know if you have correctly inserted and used the generated keywords. To use them with the right density is very important. This is always connected to the degree of competition for each keyword, and how often you let each keyword return in the text.

For this, you can use a tool, such as ‘keyword density checker’. With this tool, you can check your content by copy-pasting a direct text input or URL (after publishing it online). Here you can see exactly what is missing from your content and what you can do to optimize it.

Description: Afbeelding met schermafbeelding

Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving

SEO edge or SERP Checker

Now that you have checked your keywords and density it is time to put the content online with a safe heart. But it does not end there! You can keep an eye on your SEO-ranking by using tools like SEO edge (paid version) or with SERP Checker which offers a free trial period,

This allows you to make a general measurement so you can see the difference in your rankings on a daily basis (if needed). This way you know immediately how you are ranked for each used keyword and what you can do to improve the rankings.

Description: Afbeelding met schermafbeelding, computer

Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving
Description: Afbeelding met tekst, kaart

Automatisch gegenereerde beschrijving

DeepL translator

When creating content we all need to translate something from or into English on a regular basis. Google translate is one of the most used tools for that, but there is one translation tool that has taken translation to another level. That tool is called DeepL translator and it has mastered the translation of different languages better than google translate.

By downloading the DeepL translator as a plugin, you can also copy content twice directly through the tool for a translation. The tool will determine the language based on your input and then you can translate it into the most common languages. Try it for once and you will see why I am so excited about this tool!

In the translation from English into Spanish, DeepL scored much higher than other translators such as Microsoft, Google, or Facebook. In the other language combinations tested, DeepL translations performed three times better than those carried out by the other translation services.


So these are my recommendations for content and keyword tools. Please do let me know what you think of them and if I have missed out on another tool that you are using yourself. Comment below! Cheers!

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