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Social Media and Marketing

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You are missing out if you don’t share content with your customers on social media because they are daily communicating with brands through social media (an application enabling users to participate in social networking or creating and sharing of content).Good marketing (the act of promoting and selling products or services) brings great success to your business by driving leads and sells and also creating committed brand advocates.

The bellow shows the social media platforms in relation to marketing:

  • YouTube; a powerful social media marketing tool and a number one site for creating and sharing video content. It is important to make instructive “how-to” videos that have the advantages of ranking on Google video search results unlike many businesses intentions of their videos content going viral.
  • Facebook; Is a casual and friendly site where people chat with friends. This site requires an active social media marketing strategy
  • Google+; this now serves as a niche audience after it had a competition with Facebook. This enables you to upload and share videos, photos, and links. Google+ circle enables you to separate followers into smaller groups hence the sharing of the information with the intended group. For example, you can create a “number one-fun” Google+ circle and give the specific group special discounts and offers. You can use hangout features in a fun and creative way and host video conferences with hangout.
  • Pinterest; this is fast-growing social media marketing trend among others. It is profitable to use Pinterest for sales-driving add and for other social media purposes though Pinterest image-centered platform is only suitable for retail. This will develop your brand personality with attractive and unique pin boards in addition to your business showcasing your product offering.
  • Tweeter; a social media that can be used as a marketing tool by broadcasting your update across the web. You will get a stream of followers by following tweeters in your industry or related field. Twitter revolves around dialog and communication and this interaction helps build and nature your following.
  • LinkedIn; is a social media that is professional and can be a great marketing platform. LinkedIn group provides like-minded individuals with a platform to share contents and it also enables a professional dialog with people in similar industries. Recommendations given by clients on your LinkedIn makes your business look reliable and genuine to new customers.
  • Location-Based; Social media platforms such as Foursquare, Level up, and yelp are great for business that needs to put marketing on media. Consider important factors such as special discount and check in reward after the registration on getting a location spot.
  • Reddit; is suitable for sharing attractive content. In a month Reddit views over 2 billion pages giving it a great social media marketing potential. This also makes it view the only unique contents. Content enjoyed by Reddit community earns you great benefit but posting spammy content could get your business berated.

Using social media in marketing will provide you a venue for better understanding and learning your target audience than just helping businesses reach more customers and better site traffic.

Marco de Groen

Marco de Groen

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