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Short on cash? These apps pay you to do things

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It sucks being out of money. You can’t buy cool new things, can’t go out clubbing and of course, not being able to pay the bills is always a pain in the ass. But what if you could get your hands on some extra cash having to work an extra full-time job? Don’t worry, you won’t have to do anything illegal, quite the contrary. The only thing you will be required is to install a smartphone app and do some quick, simple jobs/tasks and get some money as a reward.


Ibotta gives you a percentage of the money you spent on grocery shopping. All you have to do is take a photo of your receipt and upload it for verification. The money you get back varies on the stores you bought your groceries from and the country you live in. The app includes a list of 750+ retail stores including Target, Walma, t and Best Buy. The app is available for android and ios.


Do you have any leftover electronics at home that you don’t use? Decluttr’s got you covered. It will buy your old DVD’s, cd’s DVD players and everything else you got lying around at home. All you have to do is scan the product’s barcode and Decluttr will make you an offer. The app usually pays 50 cents per 3 dollars, but you can sell stuff in bulk and earn up to 100 bucks! The cool thing about Decluttr is that they even cover the shipping costs. They email you a shipping sticker you put on your package and send it their way for free. Decluttr is available for ios and android.


This is kinda cheating since the app itself doesn’t pay you, but Uber is an app and anyone who has a drivers license and is an active driver can earn extra cash from it. You can adjust your own work hours and practically be your own boss. Uber is also available on both android and ios.

Cash App

The Cash App is very simple and straight forward. You get a list of stuff you can do for points and how much are they worth. The tasks vary from watching videos to sharing stuff on Facebook or installing apps on your mobile device. It’s simple, straightforward and easy to track your points – which you can exchange for PayPal cashouts. As everything else on this list, it’s available on android and ios devices.


Time to pump some iron! Gympact makes a week long deal with you that you will workout. Each time you workout, you get between 0,45 dollars and 0,75 dollars. However, don’t think you will get away with doing some „five-minute abs“ nonsense and get easy money. Your workout needs to last at least 30 minutes for you to get your „fit-bucks“. It’s both ios and android friendly.

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