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SEO Techniques to Help You Rank Your Website

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5 handy SEO techniques

Every site owner dies to hold the number one spot in Google search. But it is not a piece of cake. To get to this position, your site has to have some uniqueness. You need to have best SEO techniques to help you rank your website in the top position.

Here are 5 SEO techniques that can help rank your website in the top spot on Google.

1.Load your title tag in the front

During searches, Google puts more attention on words set at the beginning of your title tag. Always put your competitive keywords first in the title.

For example, if you want to rank for a keyword like “Best SEO Techniques” and you have two titles to options.

  1. Best SEO Techniques: A beginner’s guide
  2. A beginner’s Guide to Best SEO Techniques

Google would see the first title as being more about best SEO techniques since the keywords are at the beginning of the title.

2.Apply multimedia in your blog posts

Adding videos, screenshots, lists and images in your blog posts has an effect on your site ranking. These increase user interaction on your page which Google seeks. Further, multimedia tends to increase the perceived value of the content since it makes it more appealing.

3.Post long articles for better SEO results

Putting long form articles on your website improves its ranking in Google search. Articles which are more than 1500 words boost website to rank for the keyword you are promoting. Long articles which are engaging tend to give a lot of information to the site visitor. Entertaining and informative big posts reduce bounce rates since they keep a visitor on your site for a longer period.

4.Include outbound links

Since Google sees your site as commanding a significant presence on the internet, it has to be with some links to other websites with a big audience. A site without any outbound links is presumed to be like an island. To be on a safe side, always make sure that the content you put on your site has at least two links to related authority websites in your niche.

5.Share your content on social media

It is good to add social share buttons for people to share your posts to their networks. Social media buttons need to be displayed prominently so that no one misses them. Always put the social sharing buttons on the front of your articles.

Practicing good SEO techniques does an excellent job of making your website rank higher in Google search. However, it does not come easy. It takes time and constant practice. Apply the techniques we have given, and you will see amazing results.

Marco de Groen

Marco de Groen

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