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Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors and specs

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Galaxy S8 the word is on the street 

The word is out! All new Samsung Galaxy S8 is coming out in the Spring of 2017. The rumors are that the launch is set for April 2017, since the initial February date is postponed. One of the main features that the people are talking about is the brand new battery charging technology. The latest Galaxy smartphone’s 4200mAh battery will come with ability to charge up to 80% in just 30 minutes. Also, Samsung Galaxy S8 will come with a smart watch that’s in sync with your android device. Other than that, there are words of 4k 5.2″ display and fingertip sensor for security. Also there is a rumor that the new Galaxy S series team member will lose it’s 3.5mm headphone jack.

The price of this new gadget is set for around 820 euros and that’s just another gossip. All things considered, this is the expected and realistic price. This is around 30% more than you had to give for Galaxy S7, but considering the improvements this is a fair deal.

What should we expect?

Full features and specs are all over the net, but they are all yet to be confirmed. However, this is what we can hope to.

Battery  4200mAh 
CameraFeatures  Opticalimagestabilization,facialrecognition, HDR, auto laserfocus
Camera–Rear  30MP
Camera– Front  9.0MP
Features  retinaeyescanner,wirelesscharging, rapidcharging, miniprojector
Memory  64and128 GBinternalmemory,expandablewithdualmicroSD
Processor  SnapdragonQualcommocta-core3.2GHz
ScreenDisplay  5.2” 4Kdisplay

Beside these, there are a couple of features that are still not official. These include Bluetooth 5.0 which will make Galaxy S8 the first smartphone with 5.0 Bluetooth. Also, we still don’t know which version of Android will come as a default OS for this device.


Samsung Galaxy S8 will shift the boundaries of Android smartphones next year. The latest Samsung mobile device will bring in new design, new technology and, possibly a new trend in the mobile industry. The competition will have a lot of problems reaching this milestone.

However, in my opinion, this will make other smartphone manufacturers raise their bar a lot higher. This means that we should expect great phones coming out next year and also great prices. The most interesting should be the response of Apple with their iPhone 8 coming out in September 2017.

What’s your opinion? Can Apple do a better job? Or can you see a third company in this race?

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