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My own company Blackstone Design

Blackstone Design, unique designs on wood

In november 2015 I started my own company in Kluang, Malaysia called Blackstone Design. The company offers multimedia services but also owns a GCC laser machine which can cut and engrave on various materials.

Not only am I one of the owners together with my wife, but I am also fulfilling the role of Art Director at the company. This gives me great responsibility and interesting challenges. Not only did I design the logo for the company myself, but I also designed and created the complete interior of the shop. The interior I created consist of several signage’s, direction signage, props in the shop, artwork and several other objects which can be seen in my portfolio gallery here.

After being open for nearly a year I have designed and created many products of wood, tiles and acrylic. Please take a look at them at my gallery here.



Marco de Groen

Marco de Groen

A flying Dutchman who is Graphic Designer  Multimedia Designer | Webdesigner | Blogger | Illustrator | Infographics | Social Media | Brand Manager | Branding | Owner/Founder Asian Customs and The Daily Roar and Blackstone Design

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