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Marketing Tips for Awkward Brands in a Social Media Era

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You’ve probably noticed the amazing number of marketing campaigns that can be found literally anywhere on the internet at any given moment, and the most of it is, without a doubt, posted on social media. Most of this content consists of brands that can be filed under a certain category, and that’s what created the myth about social media marketing being selective. While some of the brands in question may seem to be in tune with the current trends, the truth is, everything is being advertised, because the size of the audience creates a market for pretty much every sort of services or products you can think of.

The thing is that social media gives an equal opportunity to everyone, and everyone can grab it or pass, and whatever you do, you must deal with the consequences. If you grab the opportunity, play it smart, and don’t take unnecessary risks, your business might end up being a success that’ll get everyone’s attention. The alternative is to be left alone with an awkward brand, and that doesn’t really seem that exciting.

So, let’s see what you can do about that and turn that awkward brand into a winner of the social media.

Make a good marketing strategy

You must understand that, for most people, social media is a place where they go in their free time to check up on their friends and their own interests, but for people who want to do business, it’s an open marketplace, and most of the time, a battlefield.

You need a good social media strategy so that your brand would be noticed and to attract the right kind of attention of the right audience, and that’ll require work.

You need to find a way to stand out in the crowd of the other businesses, and it’s not gonna be easy since the competition is quite fierce. Everyone wants attention, and they’re not afraid to fight for it, and neither should you. You need to figure out what’s your goal, and what do you want to achieve. Do you wish to leave tracks and pointers towards your website? Do you want to make sales, or create a certain or boost a brand awareness? All of these things and more are possible on social media, and you must figure out what is it that you want to achieve.

Create Interesting Content

It takes several things to succeed, and even if you can get everyone’s attention through good looks of your brand, you’ll need more than that to keep the attention of your audience. You must remember that the competition is great and pretty strong, but don’t let that discourage you. Instead, aim towards creating something interesting, fun, and original.

Keep in mind that your content has to serve your audience and that your audience is made of people who seek relief and a place to run away and relax from the stress of the daily life. Your content must be related to your brand, you don’t want to mislead, after all. Misleading might help you with the traffic, but it’s a very, very short-term solution, and soon you’ll end up with no traffic and ruined reputation.

Think like the member of your audience, and try to think what might interest them. If you think that creating a video instead of writing a post in which you’ll explain your offer, product or an upcoming event, then that’s what you should go with.

A good sense of humor

Humor is one of those factors that can be an amazing thing and provide you with an awesome boost if it’s applied at the right time, and in the right amount. Your brand doesn’t have to resemble a funny-looking entertainer or a comedian that makes everyone laugh just by showing up. It’s enough to know what to say and when to say it in order to achieve your goal and make people appreciate your sense of humor.

Laughter is something that everyone needs, especially after a hard day when you’re feeling miserable and tired. That’s why you can never go wrong when you go with a humoristic approach, and it’s easy to attract attention with the right dose. Many commercials have made people fall in love with them, even if an awkward brand was in question.

It’s one of the best strategies, it attracts attention and makes people associate your brand with a feeling of happiness that was caused by laughter, so yeah, humor is definitely a must have if you want a successful brand.

Be Interactive

Interaction is one of the crucial parts of a successful brand because, without it, social media would be just a quiet room with a bunch of people who’d wish they were somewhere else. The interaction starts things, sustains conversations and makes things happen.

That means that you must pay attention to the feedback that you get from your fans, customers, and audience in general. Don’t ignore their reactions and continue doing something that has found negativity just because of pride or something like that, you’re here to entertain and to make people happy, because happy people always come back, and coming back is what you need to keep your business successful.

Respond to the reactions, keep them aware that you’re taking their opinion into the equation because people also like to feel that their opinion matters, and that they’re important. So, fix the bad thing, keep up the good work, communicate with the audience, and you can make something really big. Just think of the social media with a virtual market, but filled with real people. Do what you’d do if you wanted the attention of people on the street, appeal to the emotions.

Even the most awkward of brands can become people’s favorites, only if you know which buttons to press, and that knowledge comes with experience and testing. So don’t be shy, try out your ideas, see how people respond, and accept that you might have to change something. Follow these steps, remain tenacious, and you’re bound to succeed.


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