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Link building mistakes you need to avoid

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Be cautious when doing link building

Picture this!

You have a week-old website. And, it has about 6000 backlinks built up, already, mostly from similar sources!

How do you think Google will treat you? Not too well, of course. In fact, you might even end up paying a penalty. So, avoid falling into the trap of building too many links too soon.

Here are the top five mistakes that you should avoid when it comes to building links (link building) for your web page.

1.Choosing quantity over quality

One good quality link is worth ten or even hundreds of links with low quality. You might give in to the temptation of using low-quality links because they are available all over the place. Whereas a good link is rarely around. But hang on there. A link with a high quality does not have SEO benefits, only. It also goes a long way in building referral traffic. Also, too many low-quality links may incur a penalty on your site.

2.Compromising content

Do keep in mind that good content will drive traffic. If you concentrate only on the links, search engines might view is suspicious. And, the audience may not find your site worth a visit.

3.Overloading the anchor text

Avoid using the same anchor text in all your backlinks. Search engines will scrutinize your site if you keep using duplicate anchor links. You may choose certain keywords for the anchor text, though. Ideally, mix it up or use related phrases. It will surely enhance the semantic indexing benefits.

4.Choosing not to diversify with link building

A good link-building strategy should be diversified. It must depend on a variety of sources and have alternate distribution patterns. In this attached images we show the possible sources for backlinks that would give you a nice diversity.

link building5.Not valuing relationships

Relationships are always important in everything you do. If you get an opportunity to with a particular publisher, do not treat it as a one-off thing. Try and build an ongoing relationship where you can earn inbound traffic and a new audience.

There are much more link-building mistakes that vary in the damage quotient. You cannot expect to become an expert overnight. So, don’t be too harsh on yourself. You only learn from your mistakes. Most of them are avoidable. Keep your strategy agile and fine-tune it as you go along the way.

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