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Instagram for Visual Marketing

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It is a fact that 65% of all Americans are visual learners. It is also a fact that 78% of all Americans use social media. Although the written word has become an important piece of the marketing puzzle through blogs and website content, the need for visual marketing is on the rise. In fact, visuals increase the willingness to read content by 80%. Due to its visual interface and easy use, Instagram for visual marketing is a perfect marketing strategy.

Visual Marketing vs. Written Word

Businesses are turning to content marketing more now than ever. With social media usage on the rise, content marketing for social media is following along with it. Although the written word is still powerful through blogs, SEO optimized articles and website content, content with relevant visuals get 94% more views than content without visuals. This amazing statistic explains visual marketing’s success for businesses and entrepreneurs alike. Instead of having to read to understand the message, your audience can view your message with one scroll, on the go and one their phone.

Instagram for Visual Marketing

There are many tools available for visual marketing for all sizes of business. However, for the ultimate pocket-sized billboard, Instagram is the way to go. This app includes many benefits for each business and their specific goals. Instagram:

  • Allows you to connect on a personal level with your customers even after you grab their attention.
  • Gives you marketing in the palm of your hand with easy to use tools for any marketer level.
  • Is perfect to use for small to large businesses alike.
  • Is completely customizable to your brand and your business identity.
  • Allows you to reach new audiences that you have never been able to reach before who are attracted to your visuals and brand.
  • Can be shared across all other social media channels to really boost your overall internet presence.

These benefits are just the beginning. The best part is Instagram for business is a relatively new idea and there is plenty of space for growth. Instagram is set to surpass Twitter in 2017 for businesses of all sizes. It is forecasted that by 2017, 70.7% of all businesses will use Instagram for marketing. It is a smart business move to get in on the ground floor of this amazing tool to boost your sales, convert more audience members into consumers and give your business a booming brand.

Instagram for visual marketing is the show and tell of the social media realm. Instead of allowing your audience to read your story, you are showing them and capturing their eye first and their heart second. From creating smart visuals such as infographics to sharing behind the scenes looks into your daily life as a business owner, Instagram allows you to reach your audience on a whole other level.

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Marco de Groen

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