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Impact of Multimedia in Education for Children with Special Needs

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Why Multimedia in Education is crucial

In the 21st century multimedia is involved in almost everything we see or hear. It has significantly taken the fields of entertainment and education to a different level which has opened up our capacity for learning and imagination. Same time it has made learning fun and easier for children. Especially the children with special needs, who previously faced difficulty in learning, with the help of multimedia in education, they are finding it easier to learn together with the normal children and slowly are recovering their mental challenges. These days in most developed countries multimedia classrooms are a common teaching medium. What it does is helps the students to learn by both listening and observing. This enhances their ability to understand more effectively.

Proven effects of Multimedia in Education

It has been proven by scientific research that rather than reading or listening, a combination of listening, reading and observing is a more effective way of learning. This specially helps for the children who have special needs. Once they can see the topic that they are learning or observing, it becomes more understandable to them and at the same time the visuals make the subject interesting to them. Same time it clears off one of the biggest mental barrier they have. The feeling of inferiority, which occurs when they are not allowed to learn in same class or same school with other kids. By using multimedia in education for children, the children with special needs can learn together with the other children and compete with them. This gives them a huge mental boost to recover from their challenge greatly. Recently education has gone mobile and more versatile with the use of virtual classroom, which is an advanced application of use of multimedia in education. This helps to spread education to the distant corners of our society without physical institutions.

Sadly the use of the effective method of education is not spread uniformly throughout our community. It is mostly available for larger cities and expensive institutions. Which is not really letting the majority of the population to take advantage of this system, thus the children with special needs in the most part of the world are still finding education to be difficult. So for the spread of education, development of skillful future generation and especially to educate the children who are mentally or physically challenged, it is a must to introduce multimedia-based education system. Because we must always remember children are always equal in their rights and needs. If we help them to have a better future, they will give us a better world.

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