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Hub, Hero and Hygiene in Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing is the most important department for brands these days. If a brand is present on the digital platforms then people will be aware of it otherwise the brand won’t doesn’t even exist if it is not active on the virtual space. However, just your mere presence on digital won’t ensure your brand’s success because long gone are the days when you just had to post one viral content in 6 to 12 months and expect it to be the talk of the town. No Sir, things are now changing because every day you see new content being uploaded so as a result you’re content is ignored.

Hub, Hero and Hygiene the best approach in Digital Media

Keeping that in mind, most well-known companies, brands and marketing agencies are using the Hub, Hero and Hygiene approach to schedule their digital marketing activities. The main advantage of this is that the brand remains relevant throughout the year by constantly engaging with its target market.

So without further delay let’s have a look at what Hero, Hub and Hygiene Actually are.


As the name implies this is the main campaign which will be the center point of your digital marketing strategy. A Hero campaign is usually the most important annual event of an organization or it is to create hype about a new product launch. This Hero campaign is commonly a video advertisement which is available on all the platforms of digital media. The Hero campaign is not just limited to the target group but instead it is as much inclined towards the masses as it is to the target market.


Hub content is exclusively for digital media and is never televised. It is tailor made for the target market which will be the end consumers of the product or service. The company’s social media profile or content about the product on relevant blogs will be the most common technique here because the aim of hygiene campaign is to give in depth details of the product.


Think of Hygiene campaign as support content for your Hub and Hygiene campaigns. It is important that you carry out your Hygiene campaign throughout the year in the form of weekly tips, recipes just to keep your target group engaged so that they are constantly watching your space. In this regard the Hygiene campaign is the most important.

I have briefly tried to inform you about what Hero, Hub and Hygiene are and how it can be used. I hope you find this information useful when you’re devising your own digital marketing strategy

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