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How to snap Instagram photos in order to get more followers?

Whether you’re a consultant, a teacher, or a small business owner, you need a social media following to get clients, share your ideas, or double your sales.

One of the top social media tools that can help you achieve that is Instagram. Sure, it trailed behind other top social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. But with 300 million daily active users, 4.2 billion likes a day, and 95 million photos uploaded on the platform every day, Instagram is as popular and effective – if not more popular and effective – than other social networking tools.

In fact, when it comes to user interaction rates, Instagram beats all other social networking sites, according to a 2015 Forrester analysis of top 50 global brands.

However, getting the massive following on the photo-sharing site starts with snapping memorable photos that appeal to people’s emotions. So, “how do I snap the perfect photos that get me massive followers on Instagram?” you may ask.

Let’s answer your question.

Get the camera that produces memorable photos

Memorable photos are a by-product of quality cameras.

If you’re serious about getting massive followers on Instagram, get one of those Digital SLRs; they produce memorable pictures.

(Source: BestBuy)

DSLR cameras are better for your Instagram campaign because:

  • They have bigger image sensors (which increase the quality of your pictures).
  • They have versatile lenses (which gives you more shooting options).
  • They have multiple processors (which facilitate your work performance).

Put all these features aside. What you snap is also crucial for making your photos more appealing to people on the photo-sharing site.

Here’s why.

Snap your passion

Calling for people to follow you on Instagram won’t do you any good, as some “social media experts” recommend. In fact, it will hurt your image.

Your photo promotes itself. If you share a terrific picture on Instagram, it will stir the emotion of users, pushes them to follow you, shouts you out. The best way to make your picture terrific is to snap your passion.

Whether you’re the brand or not, you’ve got to look for your hidden gem and capture it in a unique style. Remember: Great images emerge from real people, who snap what they love from the lenses of their heart.

(Source: Billboard)

If you’re a celebrity and you want to promote your brand on Instagram, snap your real self-doing your real thing. People will love it.

If you’re a consultant looking to promote your service on Instagram, snap your materials in real life. People will love them.

If you’re an e-commerce startup and you want to sell your products on Instagram, snap the different categories of your products and share them on your profile. People will love them.

Because let’s face it: Your passion reveals your true personality. And your true personality resonates with people on Instagram. So when you share your passion in pictures, it generates likes and following and engagement on the photo-sharing site.

But here’s the caveat: Don’t share any photo on the platform; share only the adorable ones.

Share only the adorable images – consistently

If you want to get the best out of your Instagram account, share only the adorable images. You know, those that portray the real you, your personality, your brand identity, or your passion.

(Source: FashionStyle)

And do that consistently.

The key to getting more followers on Instagram – like on any other social networking sites – is consistency. A study reveals that 60 percent of millennials surveyed in the U.S. say they expect a consistent experience from brands whether on the web, in store, or on mobile phones.

So, shoot yourself or your brand when you’re at your best, at least 1-3 times a day. And share only the cutest photos – those that tell your brand’s story – every day.

If you want your Instagram pictures to stand out, get you some following, whether you’re a consultant, a teacher, or a small business owner, you’ve got to make them memorable.

And the way to do that is simple:

  • Get a DSLR camera
  • Capture your passion
  • Share only the adorable images (consistently)

You’ve got your simple tips. Now all you need to do is put them into practice. Your dream – generating massive Instagram following that builds your brand – awaits.






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