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How to make money on YouTube?

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The convenience of the internet has given a chance to millions of people to make living by monetizing their skills, opportunities or talents. However, in order to engage in the moneymaking venture, you should understand certain strategies.

1.YouTube Ads

When we are talking about YouTube there are too many myths about how to make money through it. There is a thought that you just have to attract viewers and cash will magically appear. That sounds very simple and effortless; however, the reality is that you cannot make a healthy income just based on YouTube ad revenues.

In other words, you can only make a couple of thousand dollars for every million views, and don’t be so happy about it, because getting millions of views is not an easy task at all. The good news is that ads are not only cash making opportunity for individuals. There are different solutions for generating YouTube revenue.

If you want to earn a healthy income from YouTube, you must start to think of YouTube as the catalyst. YouTube is a massive network and it gives you a possibility to attract customers. Here is how to make money on YouTube:

2.Sell your goods with combination of e-commerce and YouTube

YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google, and from a marketing point of view, that is a huge possibility for your massive resource. One of the best opportunities is to use YouTube to sell your own products.

Let’s assume that you have a product to sell on different e-commerce sites, like Shopify. In your videos, no matter the topic, you can add your commercial in order to get shoppers involved. Of course, you can also make videos that are promoting things you sell. It is all about a purpose, so if you have a good product and your videos are engaging you can combine these two and make yourself a lot of money.

3.Sell premium videos

If you want to make money from videos there is a better option than relying on your ad revenue. You just have to create YouTube channel in order to build an audience. Of course, you have to engage them in your specific brand and once you establish a reputation, you just have to drive them to your own landing page where you can sell viewers a premium video content.

The best way is by using a solution like Yondo, that lets you create your own store that sells video content. There are lots of options such as pay-per-view, monthly subscription ITC.


If you have really viral videos that are limited to one specific topic, such as for example technical reviews of some products, you can easily attract sponsors that could pay for reviewing their products. Of course, before you get a sponsorship you must have viral videos and the size of your audience. Your revenue with sponsorship will surely be better than just waiting for ads to assimilate.

Last but not least

If you want to make real money with YouTube you have to think outside of the box. YouTube ads are important; however, in order to make more, you must understand how YouTube functions. Everything depends on your audience and number of views, but that is not the only factor.

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