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How to Grow Your Twitter Followers within One Month

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Getting Followers on Twitter, it’s easy

Getting followers on Twitter might seem like a daunting task if you are not Hillary Clinton or Justin Bieber. However, you don’t need to be a public figure to get followed on Twitter. Some Twitter users have become Twitter celebrities by growing their followers and making a name for themselves in the platform.

So, what is the secret? You need to view your Twitter account as an addiction instead of the usual, steady and slow progression: don’t worry it’s not a bad addiction. Just make it a priority for an entire month and take the time to create a lot of valuable content to tweet.

Research has shown that you are likely to get more followers when you tweet regularly. It is why people with less than 1000 tweets have 100 or fewer followers. On the other hand, people with more than 10000 tweets have 1000-5000 followers.

To grow your Twitter followers in a month or less, here are additional techniques you should implement:

1.Learn to Multitask

Most times, you have spare time that can be used for something productive even when you don’t realize it. For example, tweeting while going to work and when you are coming back from work, during brief commercials of a television program, while in the gym or the reception of your dentist will help you stay active on Twitter as you build followers.

2.Utilize a Time-saving Tool for Scheduling Tweets

There are a variety of handy tools that can be used to schedule pre-determined quality tweets. It enables you to maintain a constant content flow. Low-cost and free tools like Hootsuite offer this function. Individuals who post quality content regularly always have more followers and engagement irrespective of the platform.

3.Follow Individuals Who Follow Followers

You can use a low-cost and free instrument like Tweepi, to check for accounts of individuals following your followers. The followers of your followers may share your interests and will most likely follow back.

4.Use Your Email and LinkedIn Connections

People prefer to follow you when they know you, and it is the reason why finding and following your LinkedIn followers is a good strategy. Twitter hasn’t provided an automated method to do this yet. So, if you want to get this done swiftly follow this steps:

First off, go to your LinkedIn contact page and export all your contacts a file (.CSV). After that, lift that file and upload it to your email. You can easily access your contact from your email will subsequently contain your LinkedIn contacts. There you have it! Scroll through and decide who to follow. They will follow back.

5.Post Inspirational Quotes

Quotes usually attract more engagement on the platform. It is because people always love reading and sharing them with others. You can get a quotes app that will give you varieties of quotes that can be posted on Twitter instantly. It will help save time, increase engagement and subsequently increase your followers.

6.Join a Chat or Trend on Twitter

Every day, groups or individuals bring up topics typically know as trends. By participating in trends and discussing with others, you will meet more people and, in turn, gain more followers.

Try these actionable tips and watch your followers grow within a month.

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