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How to Get Better Marketing Results with Beautiful Design!

By March 14, 2018 One Comment

Websites and email campaigns achieve higher success when they are pleasing to the eye and easy to understand. Professional, custom design and branding gives viewers a stronger recognition of who you are as a company, a sense of trust, and sets your business apart from your competition.

Below are several key elements of marketing based design that will help grow your audience:

Overall Style and Presentation

It is discovered that only one out of three web page visitors remained on the site for less than fifteen seconds. Those statistic shows that you have to immediately impress your visitors or they will move on to the next site and never look back. Be sure that the design of your site and its content are based on specific marketing goals that match the theme of your business. Take into consideration the colours and font used throughout the site as well as images that are featured. You want your style to remain consistent on all pages and reflect the main elements of your company. Content on your site needs to be well organized and easy to locate. Avoid cluttered pages, make them inviting for users to return to get more information in the future. Also, make sure your website is designed to be mobile compatible (responsive) so that you’re not alienating half or possibly more of your audience.


Incorporate a consistent logo throughout your email marketing and website. Keep it simple, yet designed around the focus of your business. Make your company easily recognizable at a glance. Analyse the best assets of the business and using specific images or key phrases to connect you with the target audience. Let them know why your company is exceptional and how it can improve their life. Use the same colour scheme and logo in all online marketing materials, mobile apps, social media accounts, business cards and signage.


Create images and sharing buttons for your content to gain more exposure to your information. You will receive more clicks to your website and you will also build an authority in your niche by increasing your audience. Adding share buttons to all blog/news posts for all the major social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter and an email share option as well.

Call to Action

A recent study of over two hundred small businesses shows that over 70% did not include a valuable Call to Action on their home page. By having a solid Call to Action in place, your chances of gaining customers are much greater. Some examples of a Call to Action that can be put into place are:

  • An opportunity to subscribe to an email newsletter
  • Access to additional information or free downloads about the topic
  • Exclusive discounts for a product or service
  • A “Contact Us” button
  • A linked phone number for mobile devices

Be sure to include Calls to Action throughout your website. You can include them within articles, on images, pop-ups and sidebar widgets. Make your calls to action simple and as specific as possible to what you want the viewer to do or learn more about.


Email and website branding, appearance, sharing, as well as calls for action, makes a difference in your online credibility. Let your content and image speak for itself by being consistent across the board. The best way to gain greater marketing success is to rely on a professional design company, who has extensive knowledge and experience in the marketing field. Website design and branding can be put in place to give your business a solid first impression and lasting clients for the future. By making your site visually pleasing and rich with quality content, you will gain web traffic and build a strong platform for growth.

Marco de Groen

Marco de Groen

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