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How to catch a Skype scammer?

By November 23, 2017 13 Comments

Scamming happens everywhere and many times it is very hard to trace the person who is behind it. However, when people try to scam you on Skype it is possible to trace them.

Last week I was the lucky one to be targeted by a skype scammer. Out of nowhere a girl (so it appeared to be) added me and wanted to get to know me better. This directly ringed the alarm bells for me, since my name is easy to be found online and it’s clear to see that I am a happily married man. When this girl asked me if I was “horny” within 1 minute I knew for sure that this was a scam.

A Skype scammer can be tracked down!

These days many Skype scammers are operating from Asia, Russia, Marokko and the United States true Skype. They look for married men on Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter and try to get as much as personal information as possible. They will then look on Skype for your name and add you. Their concept is quite simple. They pretend to be a hot woman and fool you by showing recorded cam session of online escorts undressing. Their goal is to get you undress on cam, record it and afterwards demand money from you, or they will send the videos to your friends and family.

So for all the men out there, don’t be stupid. When it is too good to be true it usually is. Stay loyal to your wife and family. But for those interested, I am going to explain a trick on how to track down these skype scammers and give them a taste of their own medicine. Of course, you also need a little bit of luck, but in this case, it turned out just fine.

So it all started off pretty sexy directly as you can see:

So if you are still doubting at this point whether you are chatting a real girl, you can see the woman being busy with both hands and still be able to type messages at the same time. So that might seem a little strange also, right? This besides the fact that there is woman you just know for 1 minute pleasing herself for you on cam.

The first trick to locate the scammer is to look up the Skype account name on this website 

This website allows you to find the IP address of any Skype user who is currently online. After I filled in his Skype name (sexy.pretty25) I retrieved the following information:

So at this point, I was getting a better image of who I was talking to, someone from The Philippines. I decided to confront him and see his reaction.

I directly got the idea that things got a little too hot to handle for him, as he directly started to hit me back personally. He showed a picture of me and my wife which he got from Facebook. So after that, I knew this person must have a Facebook account as well.

Time to further investigate this guy his IP address. I would like to recommend this website: will give you an almost exact location of the IP address you fill in. In my case it showed the following:

As you can see I got a double confirmation that this person was indeed operating from The Philippines. The most specific location given was the small city region called Cavite in General Trias in Makati City. So that narrowed things down pretty much. Still, I knew there would be thousands of people in this city, I had to know a name.

So I decided to play along and praise him for what he was doing. Men to men bonding sort of speak.

I tried to make him feel appreciated and acted I was interested in his business and how he pulled this off. At the same time, I also kept calling him names like “dear” and “bro” which I would see annoyed him. He then trusted me well enough to tell me his name, just called me “Jonathan” he suddenly said.

I now had the name I was looking for! I turned to Facebook, typed in ” Jonathan, Cavite” and hit ENTER!

And voila, one match came up:

He did not set any privacy in his profile so I could just browse in his pictures and found a lovely shot of him. Time to confront this “master scammer” with his own picture and see if I was right.

After confronting him he first was shocked, and then said it was not him anyway. I mean why would he be so stupid to tell his name to me right? Well, he did directly block me so I am guessing I hit the jackpot.

Now let me be clear on one thing, this does not always work out as it did for me. Sometimes people use VPN servers to operate on the internet without an IP address. But lucky for me, this guy did not. And always think twice about hunting down a person you don’t know. It might just be a professional who can just as easily hack you back. If you became a victim of a Skype Scammer never give in to them. Block and delete the person and take responsibility for your actions. Report your case to the police if you like, but in most cases, it is very hard to track these people down as they always operate in countries far away.

Do not pay them any money, as they will always ask for more. They will scare you by putting the video on Youtube or send it to you by Whatsapp (if you put your number online somewhere). These are basic scare tactics to get you into paying them. Never give in, and never be stupid enough to fall for these tricks in the first place.

Marco de Groen

Marco de Groen

A flying Dutchman who is Graphic Designer  Multimedia Designer | Webdesigner | Blogger | Illustrator | Infographics | Social Media | Brand Manager | Branding | Owner/Founder Asian Customs and The Daily Roar and Blackstone Design


  • Twiteroso says:

    Good job! I think it’s an ugly thing to catfish someone, it’s worse when it’s used to extort money.

    You know, there’s an anti-cybercrime law in the Philippines. If he has anymore victims that got extorted then he can be jailed.

  • Albert Pang Tze Kaan says:

    My question here is : if im using skype to ring a girl up and till today she refuses to show her face to me in skype but rather rejected all my skype calls to her.

    How do i catch her red handed in the act.

    Can you pls advice me in regards to this progress and give me some valuable evaluations answers & results.

    Thank you very much.

    The girl is a filipina girl whose name is : yo te amo in skype. Her exact name is : jonalisa reyes pogosa.

    Sincerely Fm : Albert Pang..

  • Gaufrid says:

    i got scammed just last night! similar case with you.
    and i am fool enough to follow their instruction, and got my video recorded.
    now they’re terrorizing me via WA, asking to “settle” this thing up (asking for money).
    i still now answering the chat/phone call, thanks to your article.
    they can access my fb, and list some of my relative’s and friend’s account.
    they threatened me, that if i do not pay the money, they will send th link to my video via fb Messenger.
    do you have any advice regarding this?

    • Hi there, sorry for the late reply. I would recommend you to put your facebook privacy as high as possible. Did you add this person to facebook?? And how did it end up now?

  • Juan Dela Cruz says:

    Here in Philippines catfish or baitcam or BOSO in our language gone to far.
    They are preying on young teens.
    it it so fucked up. sorry for my language.
    I cant help it. I dont know what can I do to make them aware and prevent them from being abuse.

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  • A says:

    i just got in this so afraid..i just block all the contect wich is in skype and fb..but i try look after the skype id and it in USA…what should i next..

  • Deacon McCoy says:

    Great Dude, you nailed it.
    Great sharing, no doubt, all most each skype user, gets that kind of spammy messages.
    I even looked at the IP, that you mentioned in your article, on Google maps also
    Superb, keep it up!

  • Doug says:

    Does Skype resolver still work? Someone is trying to play a fast one on me, a different kind of scam though.

  • A says:

    Dude someone just tried to scam me on skype from a dating website. They got a short video ftom me but I blocked them and deactivated my account. Fortunately my skype account is not the one associated with my social media and there’s no personal info about myself on there either. I guess they could’ve found my ip but what’s the use of it without at least a name? It won’t happen again that’s for sure! And your article will help me warn others. Thanks!

  • Emily Salomon says:

    This information is absolutely incredible. Very informative and helpful,.. Amazing work Sir…

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