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How Social Media Works For Restaurant and Bars

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Do you know how important it is to market your restaurants and bars on social media? Do you know how it actually works?

Why Social Media plays a crucial role

Well, in this modern era, social media has taken over the world. Where it is proving out to be very beneficial when it comes to other niches, there, marketing through social media has significantly increased the awareness about the restaurants.

A strong usage and presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, are the most effective means to get your restaurant, café or bar in front of thousands of people of locally targeted customers.

Now, several questions must be popping up your mind like what sort of content should be posted? Should you include images or videos? How often should it be displayed? When should it be updated? And most importantly how will you get the best results by attracting a maximum of the traffic?

So, let’s find out how social media can work wonders for your restaurant or bar.

Marketing via Facebook:

Facebook undoubtedly provides an incredible opportunity to stay connected with your old clients as well as attracting the new ones as it continues to be the most significant and famous platform nowadays.

In the first place, put an attractive cover photo of your delicious food items or people hanging out with their friends, etc. Don’t forget to change it in addition to a new scrumptious item to your menu list.

Use Facebook tabs to excite and attract people to your eatery. There are mainly four tabs:

  • Photos of food
  • Location
  • Food deals
  • Featured menu items.

The posts which are mostly shared on Facebook are the images. Your business of food is visual. So, takes the maximum of the pictures of the delicious food available at your restaurant and ignite the fire of hunger whoever visits your Facebook page.

Post exclusive offers and group deals. Moreover, you can start a contest via your Facebook page which will add excitement and is a source of a significant reason to make people visit your page and restaurant again and again.

Facebook ads are ideal for restaurants and diners. They can be targeted to be seen by the people in particular locality or by those with specific likes.

Marketing via Twitter:

Twitter is a very successful marketing tool both for small and large businesses. As it allows 140 characters per update, therefore it is easily read and shared at a phenomenal rate.

Including links in your tweets give the opportunity to your followers to interact with your more. Moreover, if it is included in the menu, fans can make an easy choice dining in with you. Moreover, drive traffic into your establishment by updating photos.

Send out tweets close to the time of breakfasts, lunch, and dinner. Invite to avail your special offers. You might reach your customer as they were passing by your door. Twitters also facilitate in highlighting your promotions and usage of relevant promoting trending hashtags.

Marketing via Instagram:

Hashtags are mostly high on Instagram which can be:

  • Trending hashtags
  • Niche hashtags
  • Campaign specific hashtags

Like others, avail the opportunity to post photos of your delicious foodies. To gain a lot of customers, start a photo contest to motivate your client to stay connected to you and your menu items. Thus, you will be able to gain massive customer loyalty as someone who takes a photo and submits it will care to catch up to know if they win or not.

Bottom Line on Social Media usage:

So, I guess by now you must have learned a lot about marketing through social media to give a boost to your business. These simple tips can definitely be helpful to you in accomplishing your business targets. So, try out these social media platforms and unveil the enclosed surprises they have for you.


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