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How Social Media Can Help You Brand Yourself

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If you want to stand out from the crowd and get that awesome job position or sell your hand-made products or maybe position yourself as a trustworthy financial adviser you need to marketing yourself on Social Media. You need to put yourself out there and let people know about your expertise. That’s what personal branding is for. Making yourself presented to the world. And it’s all up to us how people will see us. Now, let’s think of a brand in general for a moment.

Social Media Branding For Beginners. Long Story Short.

Brand is a product, service or a name, symbol or design that differentiate itself from the competition. Branding has been used by companies to connect their products with peoples feelings, desires, wishes, everything that has a personal touch. Marketers would use personas to describe their product. It’s all about making the product or service more human. Brands have an attitude or personality that we as consumers connect with. Or to put it simple, brand is a person. Which brings us to the more obvious fact that every person could be a brand. Every person IS a brand.

How Social Media Can Help With Personal Branding

First of all you need to determine the goals you are aiming for. From here you begin to form your strategy for personal branding. Do you want to position yourself as a go-to person for organizing events? Use your social media accounts to show how you do it. Share tips&tricks of the trade.

Don’t be afraid to show your human side. Take photos of the work in progress. Use Facebook Live to broadcast the best moments. Share photos of your team when you hit a milestone, when they are busy working, or a group selfie after work well done. Show your best and worst moments and how you learn from them.

Think about your social media accounts as your TV program. Broadcast the program others would be interested in. If you want the audience that is interested in your flower garden don’t post hundreds of selfies of you and your girlfriend. Of course it’s desirable to show your human side, but keep it in a reasonable manner. A photo of puting a flower in your girlfriend’s hair is something your audience would be interested in.

Branding is all about story telling. You need to be able to tell your story, but also to the right audience. So find out which social media platforms are your audience using. If you are selling beauty products for women you should definitely choose Pinterest as your priority network. Are you a professional photographer? Instagram is a must for your online presence. Also, don’t forget about groups and chats. Because that’s where all the action is. That’s where people search and give information. That is where they will expect you. And to position yourself as an expert you need to be in the center of the game. And when I say be in the center I mean engage. Ask and answer questions, share your knowledge and give back to other members of the community.

And always remember, even if you are not present on social networks people are talking about you. The only question is if you are going to take control of your online reputation or not.

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