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Graphic design 2017, Louder and Brighter Colors!

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Louder and Brighter Colors, The new standard

Over the past few years, several big brands internationally used muted, safe and straightforward to digest colors. This was in an effort to form an awfully clean and controlled style theme. It was followed by brand all over the world and became a new standard in graphic design.

Now, in 2017, there’ll be a shift off from neutral colors like whites, grays and black, to bolder and brighter colors.

Some big corporations have decided to completely change their style by the end of 2016, just like the music wizards over at Spottily. In fact, they’re already leading the pack using daring colors mixed with professionally amended photos to form aggressive styles.

This kind of color usage has become a part of their complete new identity which makes them instantly recognizable. Big brands that are fighting for their spot online make use this new way of colorful branding to win ground in 2017.

Just because several corporations are ditching their boring color schemes in 2017 doesn’t mean there has to be a color revolution in your own company. Some corporations are adding simply a small degree of color, and it’ll build all the distinction compared to the rest. Which might just be enough for your brand.

Louder and Brighter Colors of famous brands

Using daring color accents also will facilitate several brands to take hold of their minimalist roots. By infusing bright colors with ancient neutral backgrounds, corporations will provide their disapproval on a contemporary vogue while not lost too far away from their original brand basics.

For example, we tend to already see this sort of plan from Instagram many months ago.

This simple plan helped to bring them into an entirely new era and unified all of the various apps above with one simple color scheme. And other than with Spotify, this sort of daring color usage is very recognizable across the net.

A large propulsion behind the trend of daring and bright color usage in style comes from Google’s Material style. Their style language is focused on flat, organized, and intuitive styles. They use “unexpected and vibrant” colors, moreover as fonts and pictures that are useful as they are pleasing to the attention.

Actually, plenty of the items which will be trending in 2017 is influenced by the adoption of the fabric style principles. So there you have it, 2017 will be a very colorful but yet simple year. Keep your eyes on the new colors!


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