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Five Hidden Tips To Get Your Website’s SEO Buzzing?

By July 16, 2018 2 Comments

So you have your website, product, and team ready to go. Now all you need to do is attract visitors to your website. This can be the biggest challenge for your online business as there’s a lot of competition online.

For success, you need to build website traffic and that requires a good page rank on search engines. Page two or three is not a good place to be at. Only 10% of users actually progress to the second page of search results, so if you’re there, you aren’t going to get enough traffic.

With so many SEO guides out there, everybody is implementing the same tips. And this creates a level playing field where only those going beyond the basic will succeed.

Don’t be left on that level playing field. Take charge of your business’ success and use these hidden tips to get your website’s SEO buzzing.

1.Use Google Page Speed Insights

Google’s PageSpeed Insights is a handy tool that clearly identifies where your site can improve its design and coding to be faster.

Google loves a fast website.

Google will even optimise your images and coding and provide them in a downloadable file – for free. So run the test, and use their files for an instant boost to your site.

2.Ubersuggest Is Great For Keyword Research

Keywords are what audiences are using in search engines, not what you think they should be. You need to know what searchers are using. This is where the free Ubersuggest tool can be a great asset. Type in your keyword and it gives you all the phrases used by searchers.

3.Forget Google Analytics

Google analytics can only give you so much information about where your traffic comes from. Instead, use Google Search Console for your SEO planning, and Google Analytics for your user behaviour analysis.

Google Console can tell you what keywords are used and can segregate it down to country, device, etc. In addition, you can see your average page rank for the past three months.

4.Keep An Eye On Word Counts

Did you know that content that’s over 600 words and less than 1000 does poorly on SEO? Instead you should ensure your content is either under or over these word counts depending on its purpose. For landing pages and general information pages, aim for between 300 and 500 words.

On blogs, go for a mixture.

5.Let Others Build Your Rank For You

Let other people get your website’s SEO buzzing. This doesn’t mean SEO consultants, but influencers, customers and others on social media.

The more social media talk there is of your brand, the more Google will see you as a popular brand and rank you higher.

Get Your Website’s SEO Buzzing

Don’t delay getting your website’s SEO buzzing. Ensure you are building on standard tactics used by your competitors and take it to the next level. Only by landing your site on the first page should you see the results any business owner wants for their brand.

Marco de Groen

Marco de Groen

A flying Dutchman who is Graphic Designer  Multimedia Designer | Webdesigner | Blogger | Illustrator | Infographics | Social Media | Brand Manager | Branding | Owner/Founder Asian Customs and The Daily Roar and Blackstone Design


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    I must say these are tips/techniques worth applying for in my next SEO campaigns, I certainly agree using Google Search Console, I think you can better and specific information there. Thanks for an insightful content!

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