Data is big in today’s web-based business world. It touches all aspects of business and affects the way business is carried out. The world is getting so dependent on big data that even the Department of Defense invests about $250 million per year on harnessing and using large amounts of data to make critical decisions.

Domo platform is business intelligence (BI) software that allows you to make sense of your data. Collecting data is just the beginning part of the big data game. To derive meaningful decisions from it, you need to be able to analyze, visualize, and report data.

Here are some of the features that Domo offers when it comes to big data.


Dashboards are what help you visualize data. Being able to create custom dashboards is one feature that Domo offers which surpasses many other BI platforms. You should be able to drag and drop items to your dashboard or use one of the many pre-built pages that help provide meaningful visualization.

Reporting And Analytics

Data in its raw form may not be as useful as it is when it is cleansed and analyzed. The Domo advantage is that you can clean and analyze any data regardless of the source, that too without running to the IT department frequently.

Data Integration

There are times when you need to use multiple sources of data at a time to find meaningful insights and make critical decisions. The Domo platform allows you to do just that with its data infusion feature. Therefore, you can take away the pain of having to manually integrate various sources for a single report.

Virtual And Physical Data Sources

Not all businesses have the capital to invest in virtual data sources and have some of their data stored in physical data storage. That said, they also need to grab virtual real-time data such as click-through rate, customer analytics, bounce rate, heat maps, etc. Domo allows you to connect and integrate both physical and virtual data sources so that you can derive better results and make sound business decisions.

Analytics On The Go

You have access to over 150 types of charts, 7000 plus custom maps, ability to create customized stories, use page filters, and calculate metrics from one or more databases. All this is available to you on the go with the iOS and Android app.

Customizable To The Core

You can create your own custom, make visuals or edit and use the pre-built ones. The dashboard is highly customizable, so is the report schedule.

Highly Secure

With much at stake, you need to be able to trust your business collaborators. Therefore, data security should be on the top of your mind when looking for a vendor to implement Domo platforms.

It should have features like data access permissions for individuals or groups, customized user roles to restrict access, content administrations, certified content, and a closed system directory to separate individual and administrator access.

Business intelligence is the game changer when it comes to conducting smarter business. Domo platform has the abilities that you need to quickly analyze data, increase organizational efficiency, make data-based decisions, improve customer experience and employee satisfaction, and gain a competitive advantage. Ensure that you lookout for the above features to get all these benefits.

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