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Facebook VS. Twitter

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The interesting about social sharing sites is they all take the hint from one another. Instagram poached Snapchat’s whole platform idea, Facebook then snatched the idea from them. The only constant from the social sites is that they are constantly changing, that is, of course, for one internet gem.

The battle of Facebook and Twitter

Cue in Twitter: the 140 character user friendly thought think tank which has held the same model for about 10 years. Got something to say? you better figure it out in 140 characters and no more. It’s clean, it’s clear, it’s everything you wanted in a social media platform.

And, while Twitter gets you your news/daily kitten photo fast, Facebook is crammed with long form stories of why you should buy a product that was probably fed to you by using algorithms that hack into your search engines to find out what your interests are.

Now Twitter, that’s a different ballgame. In 2012, Twitter bought a little video sharing site called Vine, a now once popular video sharing site that has recently closed its doors. While Vine is no more, it had a great run, having about 200 million followers at its peak. It’s important to point this out because Vine videos were limited to a 6 second time crunch, the same model Twitter uses on it’s own site: if it’s 7 seconds/ 141 characters, it’s too long for consumers. The only long standing video sharing site twitter still owns is Periscope, a real-time sharing site that came way before it’s competitor Facebook Live’s birth. It’s arguable to say that Twitter used limited, if any tips from it’s big brother social site Facebook when evolving, while FL has clearly been snagged from the idea of Perisope.

Facebook is not that simple anymore

Most importantly, because of it’s audience, Twitter reigns supreme as the social site champion. It’s easy to realize that Facebook is not just for the college kid anymore. Mom, grandma, even your dog is a manager of their own site. And while mommy wine sippy cup memes are flooding your Facebook feed, Twitter remains a site connecting young professionals and diverse thinkers together, not just for a WSJ article, but for a short glimpse into someone’s life, rather than a 6 page article about why your granny is no longer shopping at Walmart.

While using social sites is extremely subjective, in that you may like one better than another, use three and ignore others, or just stay off the net all together, it’s a shot in the dark to argue that Facebook’s model champions Twitter’s.

Marco de Groen

Marco de Groen

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