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Brand Manager on Facebook

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Brand Manager – it’s all about communication

A good image for your brand is very important these days. Being active online and having interaction with your clients and target group will strengthen this image and bond. Clear and good communication is key and will make or break you. The past 4 years I have worked as Facebook Brand Manager for several companies. I started with managing the Facebook Page Of Kluang Mall, after that I managed the pages of Developer BCB Berhad, Hotel Prime City in Kluang, The Elysia Park Residences Property and The Daily Roar.

The work that I did was very diverse from replying messages to making strategies on reaching more people or placing promotions to posting event. Every post matters so the visuals shown should catch the eye and the text should not be too long and clear for the crowd.

After managing the pages for different type of companies I have gained a lot of experience on tone of voice, strategies, promotions, communication and photography. I have also managed the branding part of each page which means constantly updating the headers and profile pictures of each page. The pages I have managed or still managing are:

Used to manage:

Kluang Mall : Facebook Page
Prime City Hotel : Facebook Page

Currently Brand Manager of:

BCB Berhad : Facebook Page
The Elysia Park Residence : Facebook Page
The Daily Roar : Facebook Page
Blackstone Design : Facebook Page

Marco de Groen

Marco de Groen

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