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Android Vs IOS

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Today is the world of technology and every one want to remain one step ahead in the in this competitive era. One of the best examples is mobile technology which include smart phones, android and tables devices. Mobile technology definitely create a difference in the human world. Software companies such as Apple, Google etc continuously looking for creating a platform that handle our daily communicating as well as working environment effectively. Some of the excellent examples are Android and IOS operating system primarily used in mobile technology. If you are looking for a new mobile phone, choosing from Andriod and IOS is the biggest decision.


Andriod is the operating system develops by Google based on the Linux kernel and basically used in smart phones and tablets. The system introduces many new and advanced features including:

  • Complete control over device
  • Google cloud storage
  • App for automatic backup of files such as photos or videos.
  • Support 32 languages
  • Call, messages and video chat
  • Largest installed base of all operating system

Many numerous updates done by Google for improving the operating system to a great extend. The latest version of Android is Android 6 Marshmallow which become available on more and more device over next few months.


Apple is one of the most popular software company launches IOS operating system runs on Apple mobile devices. Ihone or Ipad are the devices controlled by IOS and make you able to run applications you choose from the App store. The software platform is the second most popular operating system globally. The features of IOS is almost same as the Andriod but IOS runs on popular viral phones also.

The key features of IOS are:

  • Allow to control brightness of the screen
  • Device security
  • Touch friendly interface
  • Multi touch gestures

Both Andriod and IOS belong to same attributes but people demands more from the technology, the collaborated technology that widely make their life easy .

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