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What type of online advertising do we offer?

  1. Social media: we are able to give a nice boast to your business through these social media channels.
  2. Banners: We work with standard sizes but we can also determine the size together.
  3. Links are integrated within the content of the page; your business is ‘linked’ to a specific word that is relevant to your business and that is already appearing on the page or we place a custom text link on one of our pages.
  4. Advertorials: We can publish items within an existing page. We either use the sidebar ‘Spotlight’ location for that, or we integrate the advertorial at a certain location within a page. We can also write a brand new page to highlight your business. In some cases, we need to ‘try & review’ as we can only write about things if we know what they are about. We do not endorse the products and services that we have no experience with ourselves.
  5. Newsletter: We can mention your business in our monthly newsletter. We can also send out a dedicated newsletter tailor-made to promote your new travel product or service.
  6. Press Releases: Within our news section we are able to publish Press Releases. In many cases, we offer this service free of charge (as long as it is relevant).
  7. Sponsored Post: The Sponsored Post remains as the first post on the blog for 48 hours after publishing. The post will remain in the archives forever. Any brands and companies will do except Adult Content.
    If you’re interested, you can send us a mail through the contact widget. We only accept payment by Paypal.