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5 tips for effective social media marketing

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Social media marketing is a proven way to reach your potential customers and attract attention to your brand. The social media world is constantly growing and developing, so how can you find your place in the sun there? Here are 5 tips that will help you to build your unique social media marketing strategy.

Adjust your posts to each social media platform

Each social media platform has its own readers with different interests and needs. Target your content to specific platform and you will immediately see the increase of engagement. For example short posts with videos and images followed by links have the highest level of engagement on Facebook.

Linkedin is all about authority and business. Its users are looking for qualitative content related to their industry, latest news and valuable pieces of advice. Instagram has the highest engagement rate among all networks and, of course, pictures and photos win the battle there. Post bright and eye-catching pictures and give a link to your website in description.

Believe or not, but Snapchat has more users than Twitter and it will become a very powerful network in a few years. Snapchat is a great place to publish live events and show your customers what is going on in your business right now. Also it is very suitable for offering promotions and giveaways. Everyone likes this and you will definitely draw attention to your brand!

Learn everything possible about your audience

The most important rule of social media marketing is not to publish content at random. Spare some hours and think about the portrait of your potential customers and things they are looking for. Concentrate on providing relevant and targeted content to make people feel that it was created exactly for them. Publish content that is adjusted to each stage of buyer’s journey and you will see the positive changes in your business.

Create a weekly social media marketing plan

Working without a plan is like travelling without destination. You will only cruise around and waste your time and effort. To avoid this, start from creating a social media marketing plan for each day. Decide what type of content will be published and when. Make it diverse and flexible. Analyze what content has more engagement and change your strategy based on this.

Include video in your marketing strategy

According to Brafton, 99% of marketers will concentrate on video as a foundation of their marketing strategy in 2017. Short videos have become very popular on social media in recent years. Video marketing is a great way to show all the benefits of your product or service in a engaging and out-of-box way. Most people are more likely to watch a short video than to waste time on reading long articles. All you have to do is to switch on creativity and make your video stand out!

Focus on social media metrics

Always track engagement, shares and conversions of your social media posts. It will help to improve your strategy and concentrate on your strong points. Focus on social channels that drove visitors to your website. Google Analytics is a great tool for doing this. See what posts gain most comments, shares and likes and include more similar posts in your strategy.

Social media marketing will always be onwards and upwards, so always improve your knowledge in this sphere and keep up with the latest trends. Eventually, it will bring you a desired result!

Marco de Groen

Marco de Groen

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