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5 Tips for Conversion Optimization

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A so-called conversion optimization (CRO) is the increase of website visitors who take a desired conversion action. This can be a purchase, filling in a contact form, register as a customer, or subscribe for a newsletter. In order to optimize the conversion rate, you need to understand how potential customers browse on your site, what actions they are making, and what is stopping them from completing a conversion or purchase.

A conversion is a term used for a customer who is completing a website goal set by you.

These goals can basically be anything. Based on the importance of the goals related to your business there can be two types of conversions. The first one is called Macro-conversions (primary goal), for example to sell products on your website. The second are micro-conversions, which are smaller conversions such as a newsletter registration or creating a user account.

Next to setting up these conversion goals there are many other ways to up your conversion game. There are many other factors that can influence the conversion rate on your website. So here are some tips on how to improve your conversion rate.

1. Avoid implementing personal preferences and opinions

Your preferences and opinions don’t really matter if you want to be successful with your website. It may sound harsh, but it is about the conversions and you want to increase it.

So this means testing testing and testing that lay-out over and over. The following layout items can be important to improve conversions:

1. Headers with actions
2. Contact forms or contact options in general
3. Landing page layout
4. Color, text, and location of buttons
5. The ordering and payment process


2. Know all about your target group

Make sure the website visitor finds what he or she is looking for. In other words, if you are looking for your products or services, what information do you want to find?

Answer yourself questions from the customer’s point of view. These are also your unique selling points. Before you simply want to sell something to potential customers you need to convince them of your unique selling points. So in other words, what makes you different than others? And why should they buy these products from you? The strength lies in your unique content at the right phase of the customer journey.

3. Having good CTA-buttons as conversion optimization

You always want something of your customer, but without a clear CTA-button (Call to Action) how do you know what to expect from a website visitor? In many cases, companies forget that visitors of a website must be able to take action, in other words directly buy the product or make a request for your product or service.

If the information is relevant customers have no problem to click through a website. But by having good CTA-buttons consisting of a good link tekst they can contribute in getting better conversions.

Make sure that all your CTA-buttons have the correct color, text and position. It is also recommended to communicate around this button to reassure the website visitor. This makes them more likely to click on the button.

So make sure that this CTA-button is always in the picture. Even if they scroll further down on your pages. A sticky button is a good idea.


4. Get the trust of your website visitor

A potential customer needs to be pursuaded before simply making an order. In order to persuade a customers it is important to communicate your unique selling points (USP’s) at the right place and the right time.

Customers put a lot value in reviews and quality marks. By showing reviews and quality marks and putting them in the spotlight on your website you will boost your company image and with that your conversions.

5. Defining (responsive) breakpoints of your website

A website is just like a piece of paper, when you fold it you can only read the first part. The same thing happens with a website depending on the screen resolution or device the customers is using to visit your website.

So what do you want your customers to see and do upon the first glance of your website? Think of it as the first impression, what do you want them to do and will you offer them this opportunity right away? Is the most important information shown at first glance, and is it clear what your company does? In addition, make sure that your content invites your customers to continue reading. The more you know how to captivate, the more likely the customers will become a conversion.

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