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5 Social Media Trends that will dominate 2020

By October 30, 2019 One Comment

Time flies when you’re having fun. With just 3 more months to go 2020 is awfully close. 

Since the start of Facebook in 2004 social media has evolved rapidly each year.

Its emerging features and platforms are dominating our lives. Here’s what you should keep your eye on this coming year regarding social media. 

1. Tiktok will become a key social media player

For those who don’t know TikTok you better stop reading right now. The app is currently one of the hottest items in the social media landscape. The short-film video app from Beijing ended December 2018 with an additional 75 million users, a 275 percent member increase according to reports from Sensor Tower!

Tiktok is a “lip-syncing” app that gives you an online karaoke experience. It, therefore, took off explosively all in Asia. But now TikTok is taking over the rest of the world as well. 

The predictions will be that more ad money will be spent on TikTok in 2020. This since the average user spends 45 minutes per day on TikTok, which is more than users spend on Facebook. The app, therefore, will be a serious threat to Facebook and its ad budget.

2.The rise of the podcast phenomena 

Podcast here, podcast there, podcasts everywhere. The year 2019 saw a huge rise in podcasts worldwide. According to there are over 700.000 active podcasts and more than 29 million podcast episodes online! Over 70% of the US population alone knows the term “podcasting”. 

With the current domination of social media there is no doubt that podcasts will find their way to integrate into existing platforms. Podcasts are not purely for entertainment but are also used by marketers and business owners to inform them and monetize their products and services.

The current growth and evolution in Alexa, Google and Siri voice will make accessing podcasts easier and faster.

Thus, I strongly believe that it will prove to be a huge social trend in 2020 and beyond, for both consumers and marketers on social media. The current ad effectiveness measurements for podcasts show favorable ROI and give advertisers the confidence to invest in these podcasts. Large brands like Pepsi, Starbucks, Google, Microsoft, and Tinder are already exploring the ad format in podcasts and are showing positive results.

3.Further evolution and automation of chatbots

And interesting prediction for 2020 is that experts expect 85 percent of interactions with businesses online will take place through chatbots. The chatbot technology is very popular with large scale online businesses since they get rid of human weakness and are available around the clock. Also, the current online customer demand of direct replies is essential for its growth.

Since the introduction of chatbots over the past few years more and more human-like features are being developed and implemented. The intention for businesses is that in the near future their bots will be able to online close a deal or sell their products to you, their customers.

4.A bigger role and opportunity for Facebook Groups

With the current privacy issues, Facebook Groups are becoming an interesting alternative for group-orientated marketing. And when Mark Zuckerberg announces that Facebook group will become Facebook’s new future you know things are serious.

With the current changes in the Facebook group features the user experience is changing. Offering an opportunity for businesses to grow their own community in these groups.

5. More Augmented Reality (AR) on platforms

Not to be confused with virtual reality, augmented reality (AR)has been playing a big part in social media for the past few years. The recent focus of digital marketing on social media had a huge influence on the development of AR.

Snapchat was the first social media app who incorporated augmented reality and started a revolution. Over the last years, Instagram and Facebook realized the potential of AR technology and invested in its development. Adding different filters or elements into pictures, these social media platforms allow its users to create new realities.

Brands and social media can use AR to create a more interactive and multifaceted user experience. Augmented reality helps to increase conversions through impulsive buying if combined with social media

Some interesting 2020 developments for AR on the social media platforms are AR live events, AR videos and enhance buying experiences online through AR.

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