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5 quick tactics to get organic Facebook likes

We are all aware of the importance of an engaged Facebook audience for your business. For those with smaller budgets, you may need to rely on organic tactics to try and gain more Facebook likes for your page.

Below are 5 suggested methods to help you get more Facebook likes:

1. Join relevant Facebook groups to get likes. You can comment as your personal profile. By liking and commenting on popular threads, and sharing links to your relevant business Facebook posts, you are getting your page out there to a potentially interested audience.

2.Invite your Facebook friends on your personal profile to like the business page, and encourage them to share the page on their profiles.

3.Create content that encourages your audience to tag their friends. This could be through a caption such as ‘tag the person who reminds you of this photo/quote.’ This is a simple way to get your content in front of more Facebook users and hopefully incentivise them to like your page.

4.Ensure you develop content around any trending news or hashtags. For instance, if it is International Women’s Day, create a piece of content that uses that tag as this will be trending on the day and more people will be likely to see it and be aware of your page.

5.Run a Facebook competition. Give your audience an incentive to like and share. You can use a Facebook contest app like Gleam or Wishpond, or simply ask people to complete an action on a post.

Marco de Groen

Marco de Groen

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