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5 Must-follow blogs for online marketers

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First of all, let’s start by saying that in the online marketing world you are never done learning. The day you walk outside with your degree in content marketing, or whatever marketing degree you have things might already have changed.

In the online marketing changes happen daily in terms of audience attention, words people use to find your business, or how you need to reach potential customers. Not to mention the constantly changing new technologies like voice assistants, chat boxes or augmented reality.

To stay up to date I decided to share some blogs that I often visit. These blogs keep me informed of the latest trends but also inspire me. By sharing these I hope they might have the same effect on you.

1. The Moz Blog

For me The Moz Blog is the holy online bible for SEO tips. Started by co-founder Rand Fishkin who basically is the founder of SEO and blogging the company and blog had been around for over a decade.

Their blog is mostly famous for its Beginner’s Guide to SEO and the hundreds of Whiteboard Friday video tutorials.

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2. Content Marketing Institute

As you can already tell from their name the Content Marketing institute is a large group of professionals making use of their large contributor network to cover everything related to content marketing.

Because of their wide coverage, they add a huge variety to their content. This blog is the red line for each marketing professional and offers interesting insights in developing buyer personas and copywriting techniques.

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3. Lyfe marketing blog

Lyfe Marketing is a social media management company with a concentration on increasing sales revenue and ROI. They also handle web design and search engine marketing.

They have a great informative blog where they post information regarding content marketing, social media marketing, and management on daily basis.

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4. Smarp

The Smarp blog is a great blog for digging deeper into the marketing mindset and making sure to align the culture and way of thinking in your organization. Company culture is always very important and more related to marketing than most people usually think.

A lot of the Smarp blog posts involve thinking bigger (out of the box thinking) and how to have the right mindset and company culture by applying marketing techniques.
Smarp’s blog about employee advocacy is an excellent resource for digging deep into the marketing mindset and fostering an engaged and aligned culture across your organization.

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5. Orbit Media

Another company on the list with its own results-driven marketing blog. Orbit Media Studios is a web design and development studio. Their expertise lies in the digital footprint of your company website and online marketing strategies. Think of measuring results and conversions, Design/UX and web analytics.

Orbit Media has a big team that also consists of guest bloggers that share their information on this blog. A must-read for sure.

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So here are five blogs that I check regularly. Tell me what you think of them, or maybe you have some good blog tips yourself? I would love to hear them.

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