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5 Insights That Will Make Your Business Stand Out In Digital Marketing

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It’s 2018, and success in online advertising and digital marketing largely hinges on how you pronounce it, who you’ll sell to, and for how much. For starters, consumers’ use of devices such as mobile phones, tablets and desk as well as laptops for web browsing has increased over the years, each begging for a more personalized and high-quality customer experience.


In light of this, businesses must consider:

1.Incorporating Digital Marketing Activities into the Consumer Lifecycle

Most people, if not everyone, want convenience. The more diverse services and goods they can access from one source, the better. Coming up with innovative ways of obtaining basic needs for the consumer will put them at ease, and if they happen to be fast and reliable, they will undoubtedly increase sales and movement of these goods and services. Content analysts for business websites should study gaps between consumer needs, come up with new ways of responses and increase relevance.

2.Incorporating Videos into Customer Experiences

More people are watching, sharing and creating videos on social media sites. It comes as a little surprise that Youtube, as of 2017, was the most visited site in streaming videos, others being Facebook, Instagram & Whatsapp. Here, one can bring in business ads that are more innovative, consumer-friendly and reliable.

3.Marrying Social Messaging Applications to Communications

According to the latest studies, 60 percent of online surfers used the Facebook messenger app, 50 percent Whatsapp messenger, and 28 percent used Snapchat, with 10.1 million unique visitors ( This presents vast opportunities for digital marketers, in that they can develop marketing apps that still provide messaging services, for instance, apps that make hotel reservations.

4.Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The prevalence of a virtual assistant in communication devices is increasingly becoming popular, as not only does it simmer down hassles in typing and locating addresses, people, and things, but also gives the user a personalized experience. You can now use voice recognition to secure your devices, make a phone call to a loved one or associate without having to stop the car. Recently, developers have calibrated this to provide a more personalized touch by incorporating auto-suggestions that are as closest to what the user wants as possible. Examples of this are Siri for iPhone and Google’s Voice search feature.

5.Web Service Personalization

How fast you can access information in a particular website, the layout of the webpage itself, animations (if any) integrated into the site, the variety of the information the visitor is hunting for, are all questions clients browsing online will ask. Specializing content will enable the visitor to access precise information faster, while links and metadata on blogs, online articles, and other reads will allow them to access additional sources to either verify or enrich the content they already have. Naturally, providing lower cost options for reference will attract visitors to that site as is evident with Google’s optimize.

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