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5 Hidden dangers on Facebook you must know

By April 17, 2018 One Comment

The awareness of danger on Facebook is necessary for those who use social media in their daily routine. The claim right now is that there are millions of users who use Facebook but none of theme have protected their privacy well enough. Millions of users are using the social media platform for personal and professional life. The main question is, are those million of users well protected by the hidden dangers? Are their protected when they are being hacked? There are five hidden dangers on Facebook which everyone should be aware of. These dangers are:

1. Fake profiles can be made easily.
2. An Antivirus is downloaded by just one click.
3. Stealing of information happens daily
4. Your friends can criticize you anytime, anywhere or even with fake profiles
5. When you reconfigure your setting regarding privacy you could become less safe.

Privacy of your Facebook account is in danger as soon as you log in your account. It is our duty to being protected by the hidden dangers. You are sharing your information without knowing the third party. Hidden viruses are available on Facebook to add you just click on it the virus are coming to your personal computer. Nowadays Facebook is not a secure platform to share your information, the main reason that another person is blackmailing you and cyber crime is on the peak.

Crimes are done on the electronic transaction like on social media. The way of interacting with people, increase the crime rate rapidly. The first and foremost thing is that update with security software. When you simply reset your privacy settings the security level can be fall and the danger of losing your personal account is active. Privacy protection is a necessary thing before using your Facebook account. Being saved information through privacy, its means you are being protected with the crime rate.

Crime cases on Facebook

Probably in every year a lot of crime case is registered which is related to Facebook. Some case list are given below.

The case related to husband and wife, in 2009 a case is registered that husband killed her wife just for the small thing that she changes her material status on Facebook that is from married to single.

A case was registered in 2010 that just because of cyber bullying a man has attempted suicide.This terrible news went viral that through Facebook harassment a man has attempted to suicide.

In 2007 a case is registered that husband harassing her wife through call and messages, police warn him not to contact with your wife but he still sending the friend request on Facebook that was the cause that police took on jail for a week.

Blackmailing on Facebook is the fast growing cyber crime online. Nowaday many blackmailing on the social media platform are register.

Some links are given below so you can be more aware of the danger on Facebook

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Marco de Groen

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  • Michel Levesque says:

    Hi, I really enjoyed reading your article on how a man from the Phillipines tried to scam you. I receive many unsolicited invites from women who are French in background. I am trying to trace the location of one right now. I have her IP address but cannot use the website you mentioned. It will not load. Any suggestions on how to track her down further. She claims to be in France but the IP says Siemens in Berlin, Germany.

    Thanks for helping us innocent naive men out brother.


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