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5 Conversion Hacks to turn your visitors into customers

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Having a business online means you need to get as much traffic as possible to your website, well think again. Being on top in Google rankings, having high-end content, fine-tuned SEO and marketing campaigns. Sure these things will get you a lot of traffic, but will they turn those visitors into customers? One crucial point is often overlooked; conversion hacks

In this article, I would like to point out 5 important tips on how to increase your conversions and make sure that almost all visitors that reach your website turn into customers. 

1.Beep beep! Speed up!

Just a few seconds, that is all it takes for someone to lose his interest in your website. Research shows that an extended loading time of just two seconds will make 53% of your customers lose interest in your website. Every added single second will result in a 7% reduction in interest or conversion. 

There are many ways and plugins that can help you to speed up your website. One of the biggest speed killers is large-sized images. Chatbots may help your customer service but they also slow down your website loading speed.

Also, keep in mind that Google rewards websites with fast loading times. Slow websites get ranked lower no matter how good your SEO is. A great tip I would like to give you is to use Google’s PageSpeed Insights to find out how fast your site loads across devices. They also offer tailor-made tips on how to speed up your website. So what are you waiting for BEEP BEEP That website!

2.Create a sense of urgency

The largest population on the planet right now are the millennials. And almost every millennial suffers the syndrome called FOMO (fear of missing out). Recent studies have shown that 70 percent of millennials have the fear of missing out.

Large online businesses have reacted to this by creating a constant sense of “now or never” also called a sense of urgency. Offering limited-time sales, lighting deals or must-buy-now together with a countdown timer is often found on retailer marketplaces like Groupon, Wayfair or Amazon.

These types of deals also have a high chance of getting rated by people who buy them adding social proof by sharing it on social media. Word gets out and boom more people buy it before the deal ends. And this is how you boost your online sales.

Some interesting examples of a sense of urgency:


3. Go visual with video

Video on websites is the way to go, it’s like peanut butter meets jelly. The benefits are endless. Adding videos to your website and landing pages makes them 50 times more likely to show up in Google search results.

Video content is more emotional, which creates more attention. Since people are getting more visual they easily retain information when it is shown visually.

Still not convinced? Let me share with you the research done by Animoto who found out that one to four customers lost their interest in an online business if it did not have a video on it.

When using video content make sure to create interesting thumbnails to make them more clickable. Also, the location of the video is crucial, the higher located on your page the better. Make sure to check out all Rules for Using Video on Landing Pages.

4.Navigation and responsiveness on mobile

A website should be designed with clear navigation and good mobile responsiveness. Always put a search function on top of a page and easy to see. Good and clear user experience is crucial in getting good conversions. 

Make sure that the number of clicks is minimal and that fast checkouts are possible. Make a clear navigation path and arrange the products and services in a logical way that are always displayed clearly.

You don’t want a shopper to go on a treasure hunt which will frustrate them and eventually make them go away. 

Another important item is the responsiveness of your website. Having a mobile-first site is key for good e-commerce and conversion on mobile devices.

It also will help you in the Google ranking since they are moving to a mobile-first indexing. How about that Donald Trump?

5. Make sure to mention your USP (unique selling points)

Let me tell you a little secret, you are not the online one with and online business. Competition with any kind of product of business is killing these days. In order to stand out and be different, you need to offer something your competition does not or highlight what makes you unique. These unique selling points (USP) can be anything. Think of free shipping, free installation, warranty, freebies you name it.

Make a list of your USP’s and make sure you highlight them all properly on your pages. By making customers aware of your USP’s your conversions will also rise.

So those are my 5 tips on improving the conversions for your online business/website. What do you think of these? Did I leave any out? I’d love to hear from you in the comments section down below.

Marco de Groen

Marco de Groen

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