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4 Amazing Hacks To Improve Your Twitter Marketing Strategy

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How to Make The Most of Your Twitter Marketing Strategy.

Twitter has successfully set itself up as a major social media marketing tool to contend with. With over 157 million daily active users, and tweets reaching well over 1.6 billion people per month, Twitter is certainly a marketing power-house.

Consequently, brands and marketers have taken advantage of Twitter’s marketing power to grow their businesses. Question is, are you getting the ROI of your Twitter marketing campaigns? How are you leveraging Twitter to upgrade your marketing strategy?

Here are 4 irresistible hacks that’ll help you improve your Twitter marketing strategy.

Why is this important?

As with all social media sites, tweeting at the right time is essential to the success of your marketing campaigns.

For example, an average of 6,000 tweets are tweeted every second on Twitter. This number equate over 350,000 tweets per minute, and 5.6 million tweets each day.

How can your tweets stand out from the noise?

First, identify your target audience – their geo-location and the best times when they’re sure to see and engage with your tweets. To find out the geo-location of your target audience, go to your Twitter Analytics and click the Audiences tab at the top of the page and then scroll down to Country.

Next, go to Tweriod to find out the best times your audience are sure to see your tweets. Sign in with Twitter and click the My Analysis button. The results page will show you when your tweets get the most exposure and the best times to tweet when your followers are online.

Twitter Analytics help you measure your engagement and make your tweets more successful. Or you could ask Donald Trump on how to make your tweets stand out…

What are the benefits of hashtags?

The use of hashtags on your posts is of great importance because it helps your target audience and clientele find your content. Hashtags can increase engagement, generate leads, and ROI. Simply put, hashtags can help you connect with your target audience, and build your brand. This is so because tweets with hashtags can be retweeted 33% more than tweets without hashtags. This will enable you reach a more wider audience. Accordingly, do not over do hashtags. Tweets with one hashtag perform well, in that they’re 69℅ more likely to be retweeted.

So try to add one hashtag on each post. Test your hashtag strategy to find out how many works well for you.

Avoid Repetitive Content

Posting same content over and over will make you lose your target audience and potential clients because they’ll see you as a spammer. Whatever type of message you want to send across, be it products and services, etc, reposting same content everytime is killing your chances of improving your Twitter marketing.

Instead, try to post a variety of relevant contents that are informative and resonates with your audience. When your targeted audience find your content useful, it’s more likely they’ll keep coming back for more.

Use Twitter Chats

Twitter Chats is a remarkable marketing tool because it enables you gain real active followers – those you can convert to customers. It helps you create awareness by increasing your visibility, enhance engagement with your audience and clientele.

Twitter Chats is an amazing marketing tool because participants are individual who’re actively looking for solutions to their problems on the platform. Therefore, hosting a Twitter chat will enable participants to benefit from the information you’ll provide, and present you as an expert in your niche. This will result in trust and credibility and can easily convert them as customers. Please, check out this post on how to host Twitter Chats.


There are many ways to improve your Twitter marketing strategy. These simple steps presented in this article are amazingly powerful. Apply these tips and test your own strategies as well to figure out what works best for you.





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