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3 Web Design Mistakes You Must Avoid this 2017

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When compared to few years back, there is a drastic change in the way people are interacting with the web today. If you are really serious about keeping your visitors happy, you need to be always on top of your game. You should be aware of the latest trends and technologies so that you can use those in your website to attract more and more visitors.

Here, we look at some of the trends that are not popular among designers anymore. You should avoid making the following web design mistakes in your websites so that you can keep your business website up to date.

3 Web Design Mistakes You Must Avoid

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling used to be a very useful feature as it allowed foreground and background elements to scroll at different speeds. But, over the years, users have found it really difficult to use and faced numerous issues against it. One of the main problems with parallax scrolling is it makes your website load slowly. Slow websites has few takers as it affects the overall performance of the website. This indicates the popularity of parallax scrolling has fallen sharply.

Lack of Social Media Icons

The influence of social media in our day-to-day life is increasing at a rapid rate. It is very important for business websites to understand the importance of social media presence and include social media icons in their business website if they really need to keep their customers happy. By using social media icons in your business website, you can allow customers to share content in social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. It also helps the organization gain more visibility for the website.

Hamburger Menus

Hamburger menus have been in the business for many years and it has continued to remain one of the most favorite designs of web designers all over the world until last year. Hamburger menus were designed to reduce the clutter and simplify your website. The main problem with hamburger menus is that the website that uses hamburger menus may look good when opened in your mobile browser but when opened on your desktop or laptop, it does look shady. Because of this reason, many designers have already given it a red signal.

Designing a trendy up-to-date website is always the top priority of designers. But a good designer is someone who keeps an eye on the latest changes and avoids outdated designs trends so that the website looks fresh and ready to go.



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