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3 Reasons Why Facebook is Good for Your Small Business

With over 80 million users and a reach that stretches into every last corner of the planet, Facebook has evolved into a marketing opportunity like we’ve never seen before. And all kinds of businesses are fighting tooth and claw for the attention of the enormous number of potential consumers that come with a global (and almost captive) audience. But especially small business owners are rapidly becoming aware of the seemingly endless marketing opportunities Facebook has to offer. So, if you’re business is one of the few which doesn’t already have it’s own blue page, here are 5 reasons why it should:

1.Facebook lets you learn more about your customers

A Facebook business page is a great tool for gathering feedback from your customers, clients, and potentials. It’s also a good way of speaking to them directly. After all, people are there because they’re curious about you and your products and they want to learn more. By using Facebook’s Insights tool, you can learn a lot about your audience’s behavior and habits, plus It’s a great way to find out what ‘makes them tick’.

2.Facebook lets customers see the human side of your business

Social media has become the go-to resource for genuine two-way communication between consumers and product providers. With a blue business page, you can create a company or brand identity that makes it a lot easier for consumers to connect on a personal level. It’s a chance for you to show that, just like your customers, you are really human and you understand their needs, their concerns and quite possibly, their dreams.

3.Facebook lets you build your own tribe

Considering the size of the blue behemoth, chances are your clients are already experienced FB users. With a business page, you have a great opportunity to build your own community of loyal fans. Just imagine the opportunities that lay ahead once you have your own tribe of followers who all make a point of coming together to discuss you and your products!

Below some statistics on Facebook and small businesses


There’s no more doubt that social media is not only here to stay, it will be the main driving force that shapes consumer culture far into the future. And with the Facebook locomotive leading the way, small business owners everywhere have to ask themselves this one question. Can they really afford to not be on board?


Marco de Groen

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