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10 SEO Tips for Higher Rankings

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SEO Tips and Tricks

We all want to improve our website rankings on search engines. This task normally sounds hard for those of you that don’t have the necessary knowledge to “hack” these search engines and improve your rankings.

Here are 10 ways you can improve your rankings through SEO:

1.SEO Software

With the help of SEO software such as webmaster tools and analytics, you can crack the code of getting higher ranking for your website.

These tools can be found for free on the web and are easy to use.

2.Don’t Break The Chain

One of the main ways to get a higher ranking is to continuously publish content on your site. This will work to your advantage when the crawler indexes your site, thus updating its rankings. In turn, you get a higher ranking every time you publish content.

3.Use Keywords

The use of keywords on your sites meta-title will help you get higher ranking whenever a search is done. Whenever the crawler goes through its database and your site pops up every time in regard to that search, you will end up getting a higher priority from the crawler.

4.Link To Trusted Sites

The way search engines were originally meant to work was, a site would get a higher ranking if it was linked to a more trustworthy site.

In order to get a higher ranking, link to a more trusted site like Forbes or New York Times. This gives your content some ‘authority by association’.

5.Use Anchors

Anchors are the highlighted texts on WebPages that lead to targeted websites. This can be helpful as it leads traffic to your site and proves to the crawler that you are trustworthy, thus you end up getting a higher ranking.

6.Inbound Links

Crawlers look to see if your site has inbound links that lead to your site. This way your site can be viewed as being trustworthy and ends up getting higher rankings.

7.Optimizing Pictures

Placing pictures on your site can lead to higher ranking as pictures can be used as part of a search. This adds traffic to your site which consequently leads to higher rankings.

8.Use Long Tails

Long tails are the opposite of keywords. Long tails are long phrases that can be placed on your site’s Meta to describe the content of your site. The longer the phrase the better, as this helps the crawler be more specific in serving up content which leads to more traffic and higher rankings.

9.Respond To Readers

Whenever a reader asks a question be sure to reply to it, do not ignore any question no matter how dumb you may think it is. Replying to questions is a way of building content and also getting a following.

10.Use Heading Tags

On your site, be sure to use as many headings as possible. This will help in categorizing content in your site. Whenever a search is done and a heading on your site fits the search, your WebPages will be served up.

The above list is in no way comprehensive. There are many tips, tricks, hacks, and cracks out there to improve your site rankings. Keep on learning new ways and take note of those that work for you and those that don’t. We hope this brief outline helps you improve your rankings!

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